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18 July, Wednesday

Will the second Russian military base open in Kyrgyzstan? - EXCLUSIVE

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Kyrgyzstan is negotiating with Russia on the deployment of the second Russian military base in the country. The final decision has not been made yet. It is interesting, how will the talks on the opening of the second Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan end? Why is Russia interested in opening another base?
These and other questions Eurasia Diary asked to answer the Bulgarian political scientist Plamen Peskov.
According to him, the bases are in fact badly needed, because, if there are no Russian bases in the post-Soviet republics, there will be either US bases, or first mass riots, coups, and civil wars.
"The problem is that some of the forces in Russia do not stand firmly on their legs which are externally controlled and chained in normative and financial-economic shackles, to give support (even the military support) their former republics for their own and collective security.
It is not difficult for the US and its special service to organize "local resistance" against the Russian military on the ground. I think that, most likely, the base will be, although it will be difficult, Atambaeva and Kirghizia will be punished for this and all possible difficulties in the region will be created.
I am more than sure that IGIL in Syria will not be finally defeated, but relocated. There will be a so-called rebranding. And one of the points of redeployment of these militants is Central Asia. The base is likely to be, but not soon. And it will be difficult both for the base and Russia. Everything will only grow stronger.
IGIL is a personal project of Hilary Clinton. She lost the election, so Donald Trump closes the project, but relocates with a new label those fighters to the places where the US needs it. They even added the SDS as an irregular US Army in Syria. Moreover, they are trying to pacify the Kurds from the SDS and Peshmerga with the remnants of IGIL, which the US protects, until it relocates. But they do exactly this, systematically, competently, and subordinate everyone and everything to their will and their interests. "

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