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25 March, Monday

Turkish government never comes closer to Assad - Prof. Jengiz Tomar

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Turkey successfully continues its Olive Branch operation in Afrin, despite the ongoing criticism and pressure. Prof. at Marmara University Jengiz Tomar commented Eurasia Diary’s questions on Turkey’s Olive Branch operation in Afrin. 
He said that Afrin was the PKK's most important base in Syria since the 1980s. Amanos Mountains in Hatay region in Turkey was under attack of the terrorist organization from Afrin. It's the weakest ring of the three cantons which is the closest to the Mediterranean Sea at the same time. This is already defeated by Turkish Armed Forces and Free Syrian Army. Afrin is a strategic place for PKK to carry out its plans. 
In parallel, it is the border with Turkey, but Manbij is not and for that reason Manbij is secondary for Turkey. 
The US clearly opposed to Turkey’s Afrin operation. Despite the fact that United States, Germany and France, the great protectors of PYD, criticized Turkey, but they avoided confronting with Ankara. 
As for the agreement between Russia and Turkey, Prof. Tomar said that Russia controls the Syrian airspace, for this reason, it could be very costly for Turkey to enter Syria without an agreement with Russia.
Touching upon Assad’s interest in the Afrin operation, he mentioned that the Turkey’s operation together with Free Syrian Army (FSA) can be beneficial for Syrian regime at the moment, but Syrian government knows that at the end of the operation FSA will be settled in this region which is against its long-term interest. This is also clear that current Turkish government never comes close relations with Assad at all. 
He also said that only HDP and certain marginal groups are against Olive Branch operation, but most of the people including Kurds don’t oppose to the military operations against PKK terrorist organization in Syria. 
Hashim Mammadov

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