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Greek music performance in Baku ended with standing ovation - VIDEO - PHOTOS


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On 22-23 January Baku hosted two Greek music performances – ‘Rebetiko’. ‘Rebetiko’ is an important and unique Greek musical tradition. The urban popular songs and dances called ‘Rebetiko’ have become as representative of Greece as flamenco is of Spain or the tango is of Argentina. These musical traditions emerged at roughly the same period from the poorest section of society, and they were once looked down on as low-class, shady music. It was the combination of musical elements from the western shore modern Turkey, with local traditions, instrumentation, and lyrics, that created ‘Rebetiko’.

Nowadays, ‘Rembetiko’ is an important aspect of the daily Greek culture. Despite of its long history, ‘Rembetiko’ is still very popular worldwide.

In Baku, ‘Rebetiko’ was performed by three popular Greek musicians and singers Maria Spyrogloy (Baglama), Makis Stamoulis (Bouzouki) and Konstantinos Spiliopoulos (Guitar). The principal instruments of ‘Rebetiko’ are the bouzouki, baglama, and guitar. 

During four hours, the musicians performed approximately 40 very famous compositions. 

The guests tasted the flavor of real Greek atmosphere and enjoyed their stay in Salo Italian Restaurant. Greek dishes have been served during the short intervals. The performance ended with dancing and standing ovation. 

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