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24 March,

Green March is celebrating in Morocco

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On November 6th, the Moroccan people celebrate a great epic that will forever mark their history. A stroke of genius that allowed the country to recover its Sahara without shedding a drop of blood.

Historical Background: On October 16, 1975, Late King Hassan II delivered a historic speech in which he announced the organization of a Green March, just after the confirmation by the International Court of Justice in The Hague of the existence of legal ties and allegiance between the Sultans of Morocco and the Saharawi tribes.

On November 5, 1975, the day before the Green March, Late King Hassan II issued His last recommendations: "Dear people, Tomorrow you will cross the border. Tomorrow you will begin your March. Tomorrow, you will tread a land that is yours. You will feel the sands that are yours. Tomorrow, you will embrace a soil that is an integral part of your dear country ".

On November 6, 1975, a human mass of 350,000 rushed towards the south of Morocco in an astounding orderly fashion.

The 350,000 civilian volunteers, men and 10% of women, young and old, from all parts of the country and representing all social spheres responded to the call of Hassan II and mobilized for this march.

Their only weapons were a flag and a Quran.

The pressure of the Green March led to the conclusion of the Madrid Accord on November 14, 1975 between Morocco, Spain and Mauritania, which established the conditions for the Spanish withdrawal from the Sahara.

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