21 June, Thursday

Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine speaks about energy security and ecology in the world - EXCLUSIVE


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The 8th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development is held in the capital of Kazakhstan.
The 8th forum and the ministerial conference are held under the auspices of the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 "Energy of the Future" from 11 to 14 June.
Ministers, delegates and leading energy experts exchanged views on the launch of the transformation process, on the role and significance of regional cooperation and planning, on the need for interrelated solutions and approaches for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda for the period up to 2030.
Energy Ministers of Kazakhstan and Russia Kanat Bozumbayev and Alexander Novak, as well as the Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia Khalid al-Falih, attended the event.
"The importance of the Forum for ensuring sustainable energy development is determined by its purpose. As you know, energy is an important factor in the sustainable development of every state in the world, as economic development and social progress depend on the stable functioning of the energy complex. Solutions to problems and the opening of opportunities in the field of energy are possible only within tight international cooperation. Given the number of participants in the Forum, it can be stated that this is one of the most numerous venues for discussing sectoral issues that concern the world community. "
The Deputy Energy and Coal Industry Minister of Ukraine Natalia Boyko who also takes part in the Forum commented on the importance of energy issues to Eurasia Diary.
Speaking about energy security, she stated that modern international energy relations are characterized by a high level of unpredictability.
"The events of recent years on the world stage had a strong impact on energy security. The problems of energy security go far beyond the supply of energy resources, in particular, oil or natural gas, their delivery routes or suppliers. The issues of providing access to energy in certain regions of the world, countering the threats to the critical energy infrastructure that come from various extremist groups, terrorist organizations, increasing the cyber security of the energy complex are in the center of attention of the world community. "
According to Natalia Boyko, ambiguous trends in regional energy markets require strengthening national policies to ensure energy security. The current exacerbation of the situation in the Middle East has a negative impact on the overall conjuncture of world energy. In addition, the foreign policy steps of the Russian Federation, its constant use of energy as an instrument of political blackmail and economic pressure on other countries, does not allow us to assess the level of energy security in the European continent. In these conditions, the search for collective responses and tools to ensure energy security should be intensified.
Speaking about the relationship of energy with the environment, the Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine stated that the basis for sustainable energy development should be a balanced state policy, the key element of which is the emphasis on the development of projects for sustainable development. Creating a favorable investment climate will attract investment in innovative developments in energy, in more energy-efficient modes of transport, urban development, industry, etc.
She highlighted that the importance of public readiness to switch to sustainable development technologies, control their consumption, and rationalize it. The dilemma of energy consumption will persist, and each state, relying on its own national interests, will decide in its own way how to meet the growing demand for energy, while moving towards decarbonization of the economy. However, the most promising way to achieve sustainable energy development without compromising the environment should be considered the transition to renewable energy sources.
"In the light of the Paris Agreement, most countries of the world are already abandoning energy sources that have a negative impact on the environment, pursuing a friendly policy towards" green "energy. Another option is an increase in the level of energy efficiency. It is noteworthy that energy efficiency is the only energy resource that each country has in abundance. At the same time, it is the least expensive way of addressing issues of energy security, environmental and economic problems, "added Natalia Boyko.
It should be noted that the main topics of the forum and the opening of the ministerial conference "Ensuring Sustainable Energy Development" are energy security, trade and infrastructure, the interrelationship of energy, climate and food, and the development of renewable energy in the regional context.
"Discussions at the eighth forum and ministerial conference will help to understand how the UN system can help countries and the business community to achieve and implement the sustainable development agenda," the organizers note.
Recall that the last time this international forum was held in Baku. The Seventh International Forum "Ensuring Sustainable Energy Development" was held in Baku with the support of the Government of Azerbaijan and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.
Interviewed by Natalya Guliyeva

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