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21 July, Saturday

“The criminal case will not be launched” - Oleg Kuznetsov’s lawyer – EXCLUSIVE


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Armenians attempt to organize campaign against prominent Russian historian Oleg Kuznetsov has been revealed recently. Kuznetsov’s "Transnational Armenian terrorism in the twentieth century", historical-criminological research became a reason for lawsuit threat. It rose in regard of The Article 282 of the Criminal Code which is about exaggerated feelings of hatred and later been claimed to law enforcement agencies of Moscow. As the result of 4 month procedure no violations were found.
Oleg Kuznetsov stated that professional lawyer- Elman Pashaev will be defending his interests during the judicial procedure. 
The journalist of Eurasia Diary got in touch with Elman Pashaev to arrange a personal meeting. Here is the opinion of Elman Pashaev regarding the issues: 
Eurasia Diary: How did you get to know Oleg Kuznetsov?
Elman Pashaev: My friend also internationally recognized lawyer Mukhtar Mustafayev asked to me to defend the interests of Oleg Kuznetsov. Nevertheless, I could not refuse to defend a man who supported the fair position of Azerbaijan. It is my honor. 
Even before I met Oleg Kuznetsov I got to know that his articles are mainly against of the Armenians. However, he has created professional impression  that speaks quite scientifically. His statements are based on the historical facts that many sources have confirmed.
I always followed Oleg Kuznetsov on social media. I was familiar with his way of thinking. Everyone is aware of the activity of the Armenian lobby in the world. For example, in Russia, ethnic Armenians work in even the highest positions in all state structures. Even the media is ruled by them.
He is not against of the nation but the terrorism. The history is our treasure. We cannot be separated from it.
We had broad conversations about the current issue and I had the chance to give some legal advices to him. 
As the result of Kuznetsov's clearly stated replies the lawsuit was denied. However, two hours after the interview with the investigator, an article was published, in which the "fake Russian politician" defended the "fake Azerbaijani lawyer". So even here we could see the traces of Armenian lobby. A provocative mechanism aimed at stinging personality has been launched. 
As a lawyer I would like to emphasize that I strongly support Oleg Kuznetsov’s position. After getting familiar with his “Transnational Armenian terrorism in the twentieth century, historical-criminological” research I proposed to cover all the expenses if he wishes to publish and spread it in USA, especially in California where there is a majority of Armenians.
Eurasia Diary: Has the Kuznetsov’s issue been resolved totally? 
Elman Pashaev: We look forward to the statement by Moscow's Office of the Western District on the official resignation of the criminal investigation case
Eurasia Diary: Kuznetsov is not the only one having troubles with Armenian provocation. Most probably you are familiar with similar cases… 
Elman Pashaev: Moldovan ex-ombudsman and human rights defender Aurelio Grigoriu has also been charged with discrimination against the Armenian population.
Well-known historian of Uzbekistan, Shohret Barlas, also had 10 criminal charges. High qualified lawyers Fatima Piriyeva and Mukhtar Mustafayev defended her rights. The prosecutor's office of Uzbekistan refused to open a criminal case.
Recently, threatening calls have been made to a Russian citizen of Sumgayit, political scientist Denis Korkodinova covering the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
Eurasia Diary: What would be your advice to those who deal with similar difficulties? 
Elman Pashaev: I would advise anyone who is exposed to the attacks of the Armenian lobby to turn to a professional lawyer to protect their rights and prevent lawlessness.
The lawyer's duty is to create the most comfortable conditions for the defendant. The lawyer should make sure that the inspector did not address the same question twice and in higher voice tone. 
Defence is a fine art! It is necessary to apply legal law wherever matters. 
Natalia Guliyeva 

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