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17 July, Tuesday

EU immigration policy - Audio Interview


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Guest: Pelle Christy Geertsen
The program hosted Mr. Pelleh Christy Geertsen, an EU expert and co-managing director at Euraffex. He worked with the EU and EU policy for almost 17 years in a range of different roles, for and with different politicians and in both a Danish and a European context, European Politics and the European Institutions.
Pelle first talked about his mixed family background that is formed by Chilean and American. When asked about incentive(s) that affect refugees’/immigrants’ decision in choosing their destination country, Mr. Geertsen mentioned that having relatives or friends in a country may persuade them to go there. However, there is not one single cause for this, but a combination, he stressed. Also, he explained whether an EU member state’s immigration rules affect the EU immigration policy.
Author of the program: Mohammad Akhondzadeh
Student from Afghanistan studying at ADA University, Azerbaijan


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