“It is hard to find the country in Europe to develope as fast as Azerbaijan” - Chairman of the Krynica Economic Forum Programme Council - EXCLUSIVE - PHOTOS - VIDEO | Eurasia Diary - ednews.net

18 July, Wednesday

“It is hard to find the country in Europe to develope as fast as Azerbaijan” - Chairman of the Krynica Economic Forum Programme Council - EXCLUSIVE - PHOTOS - VIDEO


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Chairman of the Krynica Economic Forum Programme Council and one of founders of the Forum that takes place in Krynica, Poland every year, Zygmunt Berdychowski commented on the Eurasia Diary’s questions.
Eurasia Diary: As the founder of the Krynica Economic Forum that has been launched 27 years ago, what can you tell us about the achievements of the forum? What do you feel when you see thousands of people attending the forum? Did you believe in success of this idea 27 years ago?
Zygmunt Berdychowski: I could not believe that the Forum would develop in that way. First time there were only 100 participants participating in the Forum and all of them were from Poland. Now, after 27 years, we have 4500 participants from different countries attended the event this year. As one of those who see a large number of participants, reached from 100 to 4500, I am happy, so happy.
Eurasia Dairy: How the Forum can be attractive for Azerbaijani businessmen, entrepreneurs in terms of business development?
Zygmunt Berdychowski: Firstly, Azerbaijani businessmen and entrepreneurs can meet with the presidents and managers of the famous companies, firms. They can discuss future collaboration while attending the Krynica forum. 
Secondly,  Krynica Forum is an event where participants can find business partners and share their proposals, ideas and  business interests. It is easy for all participants  to meet with the famous businessmen at the Forum while it seems impossible at other events. There are a lot of partners for you to cooperate with. 
Eurasia Diary: What can you say about Azerbaijan and its successes in economic development in the recent years?
Zygmunt Berdychowski: I have been to Azerbaijan once, long time ago. Azerbaijan has changed fast in the recent years. I can surely say that there is no any country in Europe to develop as faster as Azerbaijan. For that reason it is important for Azerbaijani businessmen, entrepreneurs and officials to join the Krynica Economic Forum. This is a chance to get information about the developmental charasteristics, problems and solutions in Europe, particularly Central Europe. For this reason, we would like them to come to Krynica.
The Krynica Economic Forum is the 2nd biggest Economic Forum after Davos and it aims to push economic growth of the European Union.
This year, the Forum brought together more than 4500 guests including journalists, political, economic and social leaders coming from over 60 countries in Europe, Asia and America on 5-7 September in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland. Eurasia Media Network and Eurasia Diary were the media partners of the forum.
Ayaz Mirzayev 
Krynica, Poland

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