The great Algerian Revolution is unique in the World" - Ambassador - EXCLUSIVE | Eurasia Diary -

20 July, Friday

The great Algerian Revolution is unique in the World" - Ambassador - EXCLUSIVE


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International Analytical Information Gateway – Eurasia Diary held an interview about great Algerian Revolution of the 1st November (1954) with Charge d'affaires of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria to Azerbaijan Abbes Benmoussat. 
- What is the importance of the Anniversary of the Revolution Day for Algeria?
- First of all  I want to underline that the importance of the Anniversary of the great Algerian Revolution of the 1st November 1954 is linked with the fact, that this revolution is unique in the World. How? Because this revolution sounded the knell of the French Empire, which was constituted of more than 30 occupied, and colonized States and region throughout the word, this from one hand. From the other hand, this Revolution constituted for the Colonized Word, the  beginning of freedom for the People of the Third Word; all the populations which where colonized during centuries. If the French Revolution of 1789, liberated the person and gave to the human being more freedom and more dignity, the Algerian Revolution gave to the Colonized People, freedom, the right to exist and the right to be an actor of our planet. 
- How did it impact the future life of Arab nations which lives in North Africa?
- In reality, the impact started during the Great Revolution of Algeria. When we started our revolution, Morocco and Tunisia where both of them under the French protectorate. And since the French colonialism was concentrated on Algeria, which was considerate as a part of the French territory; the French government refused to liberate Algeria, and  gave Independence to Tunisia and Morocco to concentrate all its military efforts to keep Algeria. In 1960, the French government gave the independence to 16 African states, only in its objective to Keep Algeria inside France. 
From  the 1960 to now, Algeria played a central role in helping all the Liberation movements, all over the World. We helped  and  we still helping the Palestinian people to get their independence, We helped South Africa to be Independent,We helped Timor Leste to be Independent. In North Africa, we still defending our principals. We are also  helping  the  people  of  the  Western  Sahara  to get  their total independence  from Morocco, We are helping Tunisia to stabilize its  security situation, by struggling together against  terrorism, to sustain their army, and also we are playing an important role in the field of the development of the economy of this neighbor country and we are also increasing the investment in this country throughout our Algerian businessmen. We are also helping our brothers in Libya to establish a legal government and to unified their force to bring back Libya as a strong and stable country.
Algeria is also helping the State of Mali an Niger to fight terrorism and to develop their countries. We are standing with this principals which are merging from our great Revolution. And I would also like to underline that Algeria is strongly with Azerbaijan to recover all the territories - Nagorno Karabagh, and all the regions occupied by Armenia.

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