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How did the Azerbaijani gymnast become a champion in Bulgaria? - Video and Photos


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The winner of the 25th Tumbling World Age Competition, which took place in the Sofia (Bulgaria), was Mixail Malkin, an Azerbaijani young sportsman. In the final stage, 21 year old gymnast did not give any chance to seven favorites of competition, especially gymnasts from Russia and United Kingdom, to get golden medal. Actually, it is not the first achievement of Mr. Malkin in the world sport arena. Before this competition, he has achieved several sustainable successes such as silver medal in Baku, golden medal in Portugal, and bronze medal in Spain. In his interview to Eurasia Diary, Mr. Malkin, student of Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport, talks about his impressions on competitions which he has participated.
- To be honest, have you thought about such kind of victory beforehand? What are your impressions on this competition?
- I am still under influence of the competition. It was great. I cannot explain how I felt when I got the highest points from juries. It was exciting. Even I was not able to stop my tears while I heard our national anthem. My opponents were from seven different countries, and they were considerably strong. The strongest opponent among them was Aleksandr Lisichin from Russia. I felt that I would win; I had trained a lot for this competition. I have had different successful competitions in Baku and also abroad. Of course, it is not just my achievement. I am thankful to my coach, Adil Huseynzada, for my all achievements. I would not be here if I trained without him.
- You are saying that you have passed long and hard way to succeed. How much have you trained for that?
- I am training for fifteen years since I was 6 year old. Like all professional sportsmen, I have strict training routine. Trainings happen twice a day: half hour in the morning and two hours in the evening. Generally, it equals 16 540 hours; it seems that I have spent two years of my life without any break.
- When six year old children choose their own profession, they do not decide independently. Who was this person to show this way to you?
- I always did acrobatic tricks at home. My grandma observed this behavior, and she took me to register to gymnastics. Therefore, I am grateful to her. She always checked my attendance. That is why she has big role on each of my achievements. I am also thankful to my friends, especially to my best friend, Said Salimov, and to my coach because they always motivate and support me.
- How were you welcomed after this victory?
- It was warm meeting. I did not expect that so many people would come to welcome me. Everyone met with me. All the federation (Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation), all of my friends and relatives, even my grandma were there.
- Just a minute, imagine your life without gymnastics. Which profession would you like to choose?
- To be honest, it is a tough question. I am not able to choose and want another kind of life. Probably, I would be nobody and spend my all time in the streets.




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