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21 July, Saturday

U.S wants China to obey international law - Jason Katz


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Tension over trade tariff between China and US warmed up after Washington’s decision on which will place a 25 percent tariff on Chinese products like flat-screen televisions, medical devices, aircraft parts and batteries, outlining more than 1,300 imported goods to penalize China for its trade practices.
Political analyst Jason Katz stated for Eurasia Diary that Chinese – American economies are intertwined to the point to where they cannot easily extricate one from another.
He said that it is more that China has its own way of doing things and China doesn’t always obey the law, particularly in the case of intellectual property.
Jason Katz concluded that President Trump wants to enforce China to obey international law, obey U.S. law when doing business in the United States.
Both sides appear reluctant to give the WTO's dispute procedure time to reach a conclusion. It does take many months - sometimes years.
Natalia Guliyeva

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