25 June, Monday

"Brexit just never mean Brexit" - Tim Farron


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Tim Farron is under mounting pressure after senior Liberal Democrats accused him failing to win over the public with the party's anti-Brexit message and controversies over his views on abortion and gay sex.
Senior figures warned that if the Lib Dems fail to make a breakthrough Mr Farron must consider his position, with polls suggesting that the party's support has fallen to 8 per cent.
It came as the Lib Dem leader launched a programme for opposition as he effectively conceded that the Lib Dems will not be in Government because Theresa May will win the election comfortably.
His manifesto was heavily focused on Brexit, with a commitment to keeping Britain in the Single Market and holding a second referendum.
He also unveiled radical policies designed to appeal to core Liberal Democrat voters such as banning the sale of new diesel cars and legalising cannabis.
But the manifesto launch threatened to be overshadowed by questions over his views on abortion after it emerged Mr Farron previously said it was "wrong".
Mr Farron, a Christian, told the Salvation Army magazine in 2007: "Personally I wish I could argue it away. Abortion is wrong".
Mr Farron said on Wednesday: "I may not have expressed myself terribly well 10 years ago but I was pro-choice then and I am pro-choice now."
The early stages of the Liberal Democrat campaign were dogged by allegations that Mr Farron believes gay sex is a sin. He expressed his support for gay sex after repeated questioning.
And there is concern that the decision to focus on Remain voters is not working for the party because many people have already accepted that Brexit can't be stopped.


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