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15 October, Monday

Art of the Deal co-author on McCain drama - Trump views apologizing as weakness

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The co-author of President Trump's famous business book "The Art of the Deal" says the president believes apologizing for a White House aide's insult against Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) would show weakness. 
"He either directly or indirectly made it clear that he didn't want Sadler to apologize because it would reflect on him," Tony Schwartz told CNN of White House aide Kelly Sadler, whose leaked comments from an internal meeting about McCain have created a controversy for the White house.
Sadler said in the meeting that McCain's opposition to Trump's nominee for CIA director "doesn't matter" because he's "dying anyway," according to comments first leaked to The Hill.  
The president and the White House have yet to give an official apology for the remarks against the veteran senator, who is battling brain cancer. Trump has previously mocked McCain for being captured in Vietnam. 
Schwartz, who spent months of one-on-one time with Trump while writing their 1987 bestseller, says that in Trump's mind, "if you apologize you are wrong." 
"I don't even think it's a calculation or an analysis or an opinion, I think it's an impulse and an instinct," Schwartz said. "Emotionally, psychologically, he's incapable of it because it's shattering to him to feel that he's wrong." 

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