19 June, Tuesday

Turkey’s ASELSAN starts development of electromagnetic ball system with speed six times faster than sound

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Turkey’s defense company ASELSAN has started developing an electromagnetic ball system (EMT) technology, which is also dubbed “Railgun,” reaching a speed six times faster than sound in its first test-fires, daily Dünya has said in a report. 

The EMT technology is designed to be used as an artillery system that can be effective at a distance of over 300 kilometers with high ammunition energy and 2,000-2,500 m/sec ammunition exit speed, as well as an air defense weapon with high efficiency against current weather threats, according to the report. 

ASELSAN conducted its first live firing tests successfully between December 26 and 29, 2016. The company said it keeps working on this area as it will demonstrate its first EML prototype at the IDEF, an international defense fair, in 2017, which will be held in Istanbul between May 9 and 12. 

Thanks to its higher muzzle energy and 2,000-2,500 m/sec projectile speed, with effective range greater than 300 km, Electromagnetic Gun System is also believed to be an air defense system that is highly effective against modern air threats. 

The Electromagnetic Gun System, which brings significant technological advantages to the battlefield, also ensures Multi-Mission Capability by means of developments in smart ammunition technologies. A single Electromagnetic Gun System can be used in different roles and areas, according to the report.

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