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16 July, Monday

Israel bans Muslim call to prayer in Palestinian village


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Israel has reportedly banned the “adhan,” the Islamic call to prayer from loudspeakers of the mosque in a southern village of the West Bank under the pretext that it “disturbs Jewish settlers.”
Coordinator of the Popular Resistance Committees in al-Khalil Ratib Jabour said that Israeli forces raided the At-Tuwani village in the Masafer Yatta area in southern al-Khalil, and banned the call to prayer from being recited over loudspeakers from the village’s mosque.
Stating that Israeli soldiers threatened to raid the village for the second time in the case that the ban is violated, Jabour noted that the At-Tuwani village is often provoked by Israeli troops and residents due to its proximity to Ma'on, a Jewish settlement.
The West Bank was separated into areas, A, B and C, within the scope of the “Oslo II Accord” signed between Palestine and Israel in 1995. While the full civil and security control of Area A, which constitutes 18 percent of the West Bank territory, was transferred to Palestine, Israel assumed the civil control of Area B that comprised about 21 percent. The civil and security control of Area C, comprising of 61 percent of West Bank territory, was given to Israel under the accord.
The Masafer Yatta area is located in Area C of the West Bank.
The Israeli government makes it almost impossible for Palestinians to construct buildings in Area C. There are over 200,000 Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem, which is under Israeli occupation, and more than 400,000 Jews live in West Bank. The international community has deemed the Jewish settlements located in these Israel-occupied lands as illegal.


Yeni Shafak

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