24 May, Thursday

"Gontareva is a liquidator" - Balashov on scandal around the Ukrainian banking system - Exclusive

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"The hype around the resignation of the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva seems senseless. Did Gontareva violate the law? Probably, yes. But she managed to do her job."

This is stated by the Ukrainian politician, leader of the political party "5.10", business philosopher, public figure, and businessman Gennady Balashov.

Картинки по запросу балашов

 According to the memorandum signed with the IMF, the NBU was going to audit and improve the banking system. Gontareva eliminated more than 40 banks that absorbed money out of the nation, the structures of oligarchs and pseudo-banks who created and bought banks to collect deposits from a fooled population and withdraw money abroad.

"The strike on the oligarchic feeder was done straightforwardly and mightily. One can only imagine how many screams and threats were heard in Gontareva's office, "says Balashov.

 The politician highlights that the collateral property of oligarchs, compelled in banks, depreciated in the form of steamer plants, does not correspond to the declared amounts. Therefore, Gontareva demanded capitalization. And then it turned out that there are no money from the Ukrainian oligarchs, they could not make this financing ... A rare case when the NBU was forced to take state patronage over some banks, for example, over PrivatBank.

In his opinion, someone managed to avoid this fate with the assistance of personal agreements, but the overwhelming majority of pseudo-banks of Ukraine (90%) have lost both their capital and the very opportunity to cash in.

 Balashov demands not to listen to hysterical "experts", oligarchs and bankers, and also howling people under TV. He asks to trust the actions of the IMF. What happens to the banking system in Ukraine is a process of reform, not a collapse.

From the IMF's submission, Gontareva bankrupted the thief. The only criterion for assessing its activities as head of the NBU is to continue lending to the IMF. Ukraine is on the path of recovery, although the reputation of the banking system of Ukraine in the international arena has suffered significantly because of the blocking of Sberbank of Russia.

In conclusion, he added that rumors on the Ukrainian banking system being collapsing are not true. Both Europeans and Americans are aware of the level of corruption in the Ukrainian parliament headed by the president. But for now, they are satisfied with the fact that Ukraine adopts laws and takes actions that are beneficial to the international community.

Interviewed by Natalya Guliyeva



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