19 June, Tuesday

Saudi Arabia unfolds in the direction of Russia - View from Moscow - EXCLUSIVE

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A few days ago in Saudi Arabia, an attack was carried out on the residence of King Salman Ben Abdul Aziz Al Saud. According to information, law enforcement agencies of the country prevented the attack, but two guards of the royal residence were killed.
Also, the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia warned Americans staying in the country to be cautious and avoid staying near the palace of King Al Saud in Jeddah.
The Arab media reminds that in recent years, IGIL has been activated in Saudi Arabia. Terrorists attacked Shiite mosques in the eastern provinces of the country, where a significant part of the Shiite minority is based.
For getting comments to this fact Eurasia Diary asked the famous Russian political scientist, head of the Center for Geopolitical Studies of the Institute of Innovative Development Dmitry Rodionov.
"Attack on the palace of the Saudi King, apparently, was committed by a single terrorist. This is how the "conspiracy theory" arises: it was a "warning" to the monarch on the part of those who were dissatisfied with attempts to establish relations with Moscow, because the king was visiting Moscow at the time.
Strictly speaking, the "caliphs" never concealed their ambitions for the liberation of Islamic shrines - Mecca and Medina from the apostate regime of the Saudis. It is clear that they have always had no time for this, and now, when IGIL as a quasi state survives the last days - even more so. But, nevertheless, the royal power in the KSA remains for terrorists one of the targets. And it should be noted that as the groupings are being smashed in Iraq and Syria, they will have more and more "free hands" around the world.
For the Saudis really came the hard times. Not only do they have problems with the Shiites in their own country, the war with the Hussites in Yemen, which Riyadh cannot defeat by spending huge resources on it. It should be noted that in the Sunni world, whose leaders they want to be, the attitude towards the ruling dynasty of Saudi Arabia is ambiguous. There is also a serious conflict with Qatar to differentiate areas of interest, and hostility caused by the royal house among the numerous Sunni radicals both inside the kingdom and beyond. Add to this a virtually failed strategy in Syria.
That is why Riyadh begins to look closely at the possibility of interaction with Russia on a number of issues, the US has ceased to be an unequivocally reliable ally. And he has accumulated a lot of problems lately, and their number, as the situation in the Middle East changes, will only grow."

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