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23 July, Monday

Armenia government always generates threat for Asian region - American expert - EXCLUSIVE

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The fact of the settlement of Syrian and PKK terrorists and Armenian migrants from Syria in Nagorno-Karabakh has been covered several times by mass media. In recent years, Caucasus region has become a place for deployment of terrorist groups. 
American political scientist Peter M. Tase told Eurasia Diary that the Syrian-Armenian refugees’ flood in the region is undesirable for the South Caucasus and especially for Nagorno-Karabakh region which is under occupation of Armenia. Initially, activities of Armenian occupants reflected on the environment of Karabakh: According to the information received by reliable sources, Armenian invaders directly involved in cutting trees, pollution of clean water in the lands that they occupied. 
"Red Kalbajar oak is rare and valuable type of tree, and although it has to be protected, it is exported to different countries in the name of Armenians. They change the etymology of trees and cities, and claim that they belong to Armenians. Furthermore, they violate the rules and norms which adopted by UN by taking gold resources from the mountain mines of Kalbajar."
Additionally, expert noted that Armenian armed forces violated human rights by shooting the civil people. Tase regretfully underlined that international community does not convey the right information about it.
“The third problem is intensive arming of the country. Over the last year, Armenia increased its capacity of military arsenal. I think if I compare Armenia and North Korea, I would not make mistake. Armenia government always generates threat for Asian region.”
In this regard, Peter Tase said that Armenia looks like North Korea. Presumably, Armenians carry trainings and preparation for the terrorists which are considered as serious problems for freedom, democratic values, international law, human rights, security and security of Europe.

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