Tough times for Saudis or the US will not press Riyadh? - International expert - EXCLUSIVE | Eurasia Diary -

24 April, Wednesday

Tough times for Saudis or the US will not press Riyadh? - International expert - EXCLUSIVE

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On October 16, Mike Pompeo a general secretary of the U.S was dispatched by President Trump to Saudi Arabia with an official meeting. His meeting with Saudi King Salman was aimed to discuss the case of allegedly assassinated journalist Khashoggi in Istanbul’s consulate of Saudi Arabia. Turkish side states that probably the Saudis are the culprits of the journalist murder. Khashoggi is known for his critical statements made in the address of the Crown prince of Saudi Arabia. After the Pompeo’s visit to Saudi Arabia, he is expected to arrive in Turkey. 

Eurasia Diary asked American political expert Paul Goble to comment on the meeting between the Saudi King and Mike Pompeo.

Paul A. Goble, is an American analyst, writer, and columnist with expertise on Russia

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Paul Goble - political analyst

On the question, what is anticipated in relations between the U.S and Saudi Arabia if the culpability of the Saudi’s involvement in the assassination of journalist will be proved? Paul Goble responded in such a way, he said: “Mike Pompeo will insist that the Saudis be more forthcoming on the Kashoggi case, but he won’t press them too hard because Trump wants to keep the earnings from arms sales to the kingdom and to rely on Riyadh as the most important partner of the US in the Muslim Middle East to counter Iran”.

Earlier, President Trump in his interview with CBS noted that the U.S might impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia. Saudi’s on the possible threat emphasized that they will take countermeasures against the U.S. One of the aces in the hand of Saudi Arabia is the oil price, they insist that they might increase the price till 200$ per barrel.

Paul A. Goble also shared his thoughts concerning the looming pressure from both sides.

“I think this is the kind of huffing and puffing one would expect before real talks. I don't think Mike Pompeo can press Riyadh all that hard given Trump’s position”, Paul Goble added.

CNN reported on Monday that Saudi Arabia was preparing to acknowledge Khashoggi’s death in a botched interrogation, after denying for two weeks any role in his disappearance. 

American expert also commented on the statement made by CNN. He mentioned: "My sense is that they felt that if they made some concession to the truth, the US would find it easier to do what Trump intends".

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