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4 February, Saturday

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Eurasia Diary (ED) is an initiative of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) and Eurasia Media Network to give food for thought about the peaceful solution of regional conflicts in particular and global conflicts in general. Countries throughout the world face numerous conflicts - social, economic, political, ethnic etc., that need solution. People can live in peace and harmony only be resolving these conflicts.

Unfortunately, in this era of regional conflicts, people can’t get impartial information about all these skirmishes. Some media outlets have biased attitude to such c and the information received from some sources serves certain interests.

Eurasia Diary aims to fill this widening information and knowledge gaps among the masses. Basically, it is a rational struggle to raise voices of people to convey the truth about these conflicts and disputes.

Eurasia Diary is a platform to put all these issues in the limelight. Relying on the freedom of press and freedom of expression we promote peace in the region. We are the torch bearer for human rights and human values and our aim is to spread these values everywhere.

Eurasia Diary will play a vital role in creating awareness among people throughout the world that they can survive and develop themselves only in a peaceful world.