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27 June, Thursday

Bosnia to follow Macedonia and Montenegro? - Expert - EXCLUSIVE

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On the 7th of October, the results of the tripartite presidency elections were revealed in Bosnia-Herzegovina. There are 3 members of the nation's presidency - one Serb, one Bosniak and one Croat -  with a rotating chairmanship. The Serbian part of Bosnia-Herzegovina will be represented by Miroslav Dodik who is the leader of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), whereas incumbent Zeljko Komsic from Democratic Fond (DF) will represent Croats and Bosniak majority will be represented by Sefik Dzaferovic respectively. New elections illustrate Bosnia&Herzegovina's aspire to join the NATO and Eu. However, on the 9th of October, the newly elected leader of Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina Miroslav Dodik who is known as pro-Russian politician stated that Republic of Srpska (constitutional and legal entity in Bosnia along with the Federation of Bosnia&Herzegovina) will not vote in favor of BiH accession to NATO. He also stated that Bosnia's accession to NATO is impossible.

Eurasia Diary asked American political expert Peter Tase to comment on the current situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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Peter Tase - political analyst 

Peter Tase. an American journalist, expert on political and international relations at the University of Chicago shared his thoughts concerning the possible accession of BiH to NATO and EU. He said: "Bosnia and Herzegovina has a number of pending matters to solve.  Some of these issues are: recognition of the Independence of the Republic of Kosovo; implementation of government reforms on every level; eliminate the current government structure (with three members of presidency serving on rotational basis and with over 120 ministers serving at the Cantonal and Federal level), combat corruption and organized crime; strengthen ties with Austria, Croatia, and other EU member countries.  Bosnia and Herzegovina has deeply rooted problems that emerged from the Dayton Accords and it will take many years for Sarajevo to be fully integrated with the European Union. The  Influence of Russia's tools of hybrid warfare is currently harming BiH aspirations to join EU".

He also added the following words: "BIH faces a different set of challenges when compared to Macedonia. The Dayton Accords have harmed the political future of the country.  NATO and EU must heavily invest in the development of BiH economy and government transparency".

Peter Tase also touched upon the interests of the USA and Russia in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He said the following words: "Formation of Political parties based on Ethnic - Religious orientation has generated an environment of sectarianism and impunity among the political elite. Washington has strategic interests in the Balkans and its influence is slowly growing.  Russia has interests in South East Europe, this is why many real estate projects are taking place in Montenegro".

In the end, American expert shared his thoughts concerning the election of Miroslav Dodik, who is famous for his pro-Russian statements, and consequences of Dayton Accords, which put an end to the Bosnian War. He said that the consequences of Dayton Accords are felt in the last elections of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Moreover, Russian influence is always present in Sarajevo's politics. 

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