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19 May,

Hitting rockets on Jabrayil and Fuzuli... - What should we do against the Armenians? - Columnist

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The previous week, chief of Armenia security service, Artur Vanetsyan gave an interview to local press that captured Azerbaijan lands, also in Jabrayil and Fuzuli, new houses were opened and Armenians should be inherited in these lands compactly. Vanetsyan said that Government made this work seriously on this land and soon Armenians will strengthen in this area.

Last month the leader of fictional Mountainous Karabakh Republic, Bako Sahakyan opened news living houses in Jabrayil, when Azerbaijani media wrote about “preparing for peace of two people”. We have noticed at that time, the enemy will not be tempted to change or lost its places with peace”. It is important to force them to take this step. But, unfortunately, new residential areas are built in our lands and inheriting Armenians in this land are not be faced with a strong reaction.

If we look through international law, it is important to notice that inheriting of invaders is forbidden according to the 46th article of the 1949 Geneva Convention. On the other side, the UN has 4 resolutions on being free of these lands and Armenia breaks these resolutions till today. Armenians neglect to the decision of the Geneva Convention and it is not possible to adore “fair attitude” of World Union that makes a great effort.

Actually who needs international law today? Not only is the power point of view, but also the legal point of view Azerbaijan more superior to Armenia. Azerbaijan is the justifiable side in international principle and in this conflict.  But if the right is strengthened with power, it means that it is unjustifiable.” It means that the scale of a fair is power. It does not have the necessity of our being right or unjustifiable if we don’t have power.

The main problem is that we have power, right, but we avoid applying. If we start to fire from artillery when Armenians begin to build the residential areas in Jabrayil, today it will be impossible to settle residential areas in Fuzuli. Political processes have already come to that level, we should apply to force for defending our rights. We don’t have such opinion that new April war should begin. Because, if new battles are started on Nagorno Karabakh, it will be inflicted to being dead of thousands of Azerbaijani young. The main cause is that main altitude, especially Omar spans is controlled by Armenians.  Therefore, these attitudes should be caught as bloodless “Gunnut operation”. Then, naturally, war is considered the greatest political reality.

What should we do?

One thing we should do that, giving reaction to enemy’s every step that is taken. For example, after the saying leader of Armenia security service “We will never become free Azerbaijan lands”, it is unidentifiable to secure the ceasefire in the front line. We even should destroy all built residential areas before people are settled, and we should defend our right position with power. I would like to notice that firing main points with rockets in Jabrayil and Fuzuli is not the beginning, it is characterized as avoiding every taken step of enemies.

At last, I would like to explain the purpose of the enemy. And, Pashinyan government does not understand that the settlement of Armenians can be inflicted to start new “April” battles. Of course, Armenians understand it very well and all these steps are for eliminating of new April battles. Because all war participants and military analytics know that soldier is fighting till the end where residents were settled.  Not escaping as in Lalatapa. Responsibility is begun because people have dwelled in the front line. That’s why Armenia government accelerates its activity in settlement levels that same events are not repeated again in April battles when Azerbaijan military force attack and Armenian troops fight till the end. However, the assumption appears that every bullet by Azerbaijan will kill one Armenian soldier in front line. This one can especially be the foundation of a new propaganda company for Armenians lobby that is powerful and active in Europe.

And so, in this situation, it is important to use from fourth tactics of diplomacy, “enforcement” tactics. The main role in this tactic belongs to the troop.


Nejat Ismayilov

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