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26 June, Wednesday

Pashinyan is not different from his predecessors - Armenia has no intention to give occupied lands

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At the beginning of 2019, hope for peace talks emerged by the results of several meeting between Azerbaijani and Armenian delegations. But during this month, Armenia started to violate the negotiation process by several actions. Analysis of Pashinyan actions shows us there is no intention to give lands.

Before coming to power, Nikol Pashinyan is accepted as a person who can change history and can achieve peace in Karabakh. "After seizing the power Nikol Pashinyan became more radical than his predecessors," Azerbaijani political analyst Elkhan Shahinoglu.

There are several actions that can be understood that Armenia doesn't intend to end the occupation. Pashinyan obviously wants to fool international law and community. There exists several actions made by Pashinyan can proof such opinions.


First meeting with the separatist regime in the Republic of Karabakh

As it is known Nikol Pashinyan seized the power by "Velvet Revolution" on 8 May. He met with Bako Saakyan on 9 May after a day of official seizure.

"Our efforts should aim the soonest possible international recognition of the Republic of Artsakh,” Nikol Pashinyan noted during the meeting. 


Son in the frontline

First of all, Nikol Pashinyan sent his son to the army in Karabakh. It should be noted that the separatist regime in Nagorno-Karabakh is not recognized by Armenia itself. So, it is the violation of international law, Azerbaijani political analyst Arzu Naghiyev.

"My son’s military service in NK means I won’t spare anything to defend my country and people," Pashinyan said.

Pashinyan also explains this step as not to increase praise for himself but to encourage Armenians to enlist in the army. Increasing militarism and irritating can't be understood for achieving peace.

Apart from this Pashinyan urges Azerbaijani counterpart to do same, this is an obvious provocation to increase tension between nations in terms of the military move.


Settlement in occupied lands

Nikol Pashinyan started a campaign to construct settlements in occupied lands. Satellite images reveal that Armenia destructs Azerbaijani heritage in Karabakh. Settling of Armenian refugees from Syria in Jabrayil and Fuzuli also includes to the campaign.

According to international law settlement in occupied lands is a violation of the Geneva Convention of 1949. Because Armenian occupation is confirmed by UN General Assembly resolution of 822 (1993), 853 (1993) and 874 (1993), 884(1993).


National Security Council in Khankendi

Nikol Pashinyan took part in National Security Council in Khankendi on 12 March. This is another attempt to break peaceful settlement.

This is the first time that Armenia holds National Security Council or such meeting in occupied lands and internationally unrecognized the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

Armenian Prime Minister again made a statement that Nagorno Karabakh should be involved in the negotiation process as an independent part. This is considered as changing the format of the talks. OSCE Minsk Group estimated such move as unfair and decided to continue talks within the existed format.


Turkish speaking people meet in Khankendi

Turkish-speaking people gathered in Khankendi for commemorating Armenians of Karabakh who died in the battlefield. They announced anti-Turk and anti-Azerbaijani calls.

The video recording shows that not more than 10 people gathered and their speaking was translated into Armenian synchronous.

Turkish-speaking guests called that: "Turkey must recognize the genocide and during the collapse of the USSR, the leadership of Azerbaijan wanted to do the same in Karabakh."

The group consists mainly of leaders and members of the organizations "Against the Genocide" and "Solidarity with the Victims of All Genocides", reports.

The guest attended the provocation company in Khankendi, called Azerbaijan as a fascist state. Such kind of actions can't be understood as an effort to peace and preparation for mutual dialogue.


These enlisted actions maybe don't cover all the attempts by Armenia for violating peace talks. Separatism is a serious challenge to the security of the international community. It hasn't been a year since Pashinyan came to power, he already done enough actions for supporting seperatism.

Azerbaijan still believes in the negotiation process and intends peaceful solutions, but Armenian actions make impossible return of occupied lands to its legal owner.


Ulvi Ahmedli

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