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28 May, Thursday

American expert - Racism is a fundamental to the Western approach to Africa

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It is suitable to carry out the test of vaccine for Covid-19 in Africa, because the number of infected people is not as high as other countries like Italy, claimed by Bill Gates. After this statement it has been met with much resistance from people across continent. William Henry Gates, who is American businessman, co-founder of Mircrosoft Corporation, investor and philanthropist, has offered testing vaccine for COVID-19 in Africa. 
In the video, speaking to host of the Daily Show, Bill Gates said: “For developing countries, it’s far harder and so these measures actually stop it from getting to the large part of the population, in places like India and Nigeria. I was talking to President Ramaphosa today, who is not only president of South Africa, he’s also the head of African Union. He has a very strong voice there, encouraging African countries to act quickly when the number of cases is still fairly low, which is true throughout sub-Saharan Africa right now.” 
Some of African people have expressed severe reaction with posting tweets to what American philanthropist, Bill Gates has proposed. They have accused Bill Gates of making racism against Africans. 
One twitter wrote; “Since when has Bill Gates become a scientist? Please don’t play with our lives, we all have a right to live, and it better not be so-called ‘vaccine’? ”
American expert Dennis Etler also expressed his criticism towards Bill Gates making such proposals supporting racism.
“Bill Gates and his Bill Foundation have done a lot of philanthropic works in Africa around AIDS. They have, so to speak, assumed the "white man's burden," a standard colonial mindset,” he said in his explanation to 
According to the views of Dennis Etler about making contributions by the West to the fight against AIDS and other diseases in Africa, is just a POLITICAL CURTAIN. 
 “The underlying problems of neo-colonialism, US imperialism, and neo-liberal interventionism have stymied Africa's social, economic and political development,” – Etler noted. 
American expert considered that Africa has become a convenient testing ground for the West.  According to him, the Western approach to Africa is based on racism and the exploitation of Africa’s natural resources. 
 “Racism is a fundamental to the Western approach to Africa, and exploit Africa for its wealth and then whitewash it by "philanthropy, which has been standard operating procedure of capitalist moguls since the days of the robber barons in the 1890s," Etler stressed. 
Furthermore, American expert highlighted the role of China in the contributions to African countries, because China’s help lead African people to become strong to resist social and economic difficulties they encounter. 
“Socialist China extends a helping hand without preconditions and contributes to the efforts to modernize and develop African countries by helping to improve their infrastructure and medical facilities, so they can become more self-sufficient and able to meet the economic and social challenges they face,” Etler added.
By Yunus Abdullayev

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