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5 August, Thursday

Georgia and Russia are economically interdependent - Georgian Political Analyst says

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The global pandemic is influencing hugely on the political situation in the world. Georgia is showing successful results on the fighting against coronavirus. The government receives a huge amount of aid from the European Union and the World Bank. 

Georgian foreign policy in the time of pandemics is getting too close to its European partners. It could affect relations with other neighbors mainly Russia.

“Georgia will receive 150 million euros of aid from the EU and another 220 million dollars from the World Bank loan. This is normal, we are strategic partners, most residents of Georgia support integration into the EU,” Gela Vasadze, a Georgian political analyst told

According to Transparency International Georgia, a local watchdog, the Georgian economy heavily depends on Russia in tourism, foreign trade, and remittances. The report views this dependency as “a significant challenge” for Georgia’s economic security. However, Georgian analyst rejects the report.

“The economy of Georgia is not heavily dependent on Russia, and this was shown last year when the Russian Federation banned flights to Georgia. Moreover, there is interdependence, and Russians today are very interested in many issues related to Georgia. For example, using the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway. So statements are made by statements, but Georgia is the most important transit country, and we have our own leverage, including on Russia,” he said.

Gela Vasadze considers occupied lands as the only problem in Georgian-Russian relations.

“As for relations with the Russian Federation, Moscow is well aware that the only problem in our relations is the problem of the occupied territories, and until this problem is resolved, there can be no normal relations between the countries,” the political analyst concluded.

By Ulvi Ahmedli

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