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24 June, Thursday

UK could take into consideration the independence of TRNC - Expert

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President of Turkish Republic of North Cyprus Ersin Tatar, since he came to power, has proposed a new vision to the UN-led talks on the settlement of the Cyprus conflict. His proposal is based on a two-state solution plan.

According to plan, Turkish community wants to acquire a possession of equal sovereignty and internationally recognized borders with Greek side of the island.

In his interview to Reuters, Ersin Tatar said that the four-decade negotiations on the reunification of Turkish and Greek communities under the federal umbrella have failed, and it has not entailed any positive impact on the solution of conflict in the island.

From his opinion, the only two-state solution model could bring peace and stability to the island.

However, Greek Cypriot community rejects Turkish side’s proposal and supports the federal solution plan.

Speaking to Eurasia Diary, Goktug Caliskan, Turkish expert on international relations, made comments about the perspectives of a two-state solution model and the UK's reaction to the plan. 

Göktuğ ÇALIŞKAN,ANKASAM | Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Research

Turkish expert initially talked about the possibility of a two-state solution model for the settlement of conflict in the island.

He said that President of TRNC, Ersin Tatar’s proposal could not be contrary to the principles of international law.

“According to the two- state solution plan put forward by Mr. President Ersin Tatar, a solution based on sovereign equality and equal international status is demanded on the island. Although this request goes against the UNSC resolutions of 1984 and 1985, the current UN Secretary-General Antoni Guterres insists on finding a solution on the Cyprus issue. In addition, considering the situations such as Israel declaring Jerusalem as the capital and Kosovo's independence contrary to the UNSC resolutions, we can say the following: UNSC resolutions are no longer binding. Therefore, I do not think there will be any problems in terms of international law if the plan is accepted by the guarantor states and the parties,” Goktug said.

Touching upon Turkey’s role as a guarantor state in the solution of Cyprus dispute, Goktug pointed out that Turkish supports the equal sovereignty of TRNC.

"Turkey has always been located next to the TRNC since the emergence of the Cyprus problem. It is also one of the guarantor states. In this regard, Turkey supports a two-state solution proposal of TRNC," expert said. 

“If we are to tell by looking at past events, Turkey continues to play a big role in the determination of the future of the TRNC. By the way, new energy sources have been discovered in the coastline of TRNC in the Eastern Mediterranean. Therefore, Turkey is paying more attention to the Cyprus issue than before, and it won’t leave TRNC alone. Thus, Ankara nowadays is insisting on playing a significant role in the process of gaining sovereignty of TRNC in the international arena, ” he added. 

Another important issue is that President Ersin Tatar urged the UK government to get behind his proposal for a two-state solution for the Cyprus dispute.

Tatar said that “after Brexit freed Britain from the EU it can now fulfil its role as a neutral guarantor for the eastern Mediterranean island, ensuring that both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots are treated in a balanced way.”

According to British news sources, UK ministers are considering to officially recognize the TRNC as an "independent country".

It is also noted in news sources that the recognition of TRNC by the UK would help around 300,000 Turkish Cypriots living in the UK to get direct flights to their country.

Turkish expert stressed that the high officials of the UK could take into consideration the recognition of the independence of TRNC, but he added that the UK tries to keep his neutral position in the Cyprus issue.

“The United Kingdom, which is always in search of a middle way between the Greek side and the Turkish side, will act by thinking about this plan. According to the Daily Express, one of the major media outlets in the UK, the government will discuss the sovereignty of TRNC. Considering that this report is correct, it seems likely that Britain will respond positively to the Turkish side's request for the solution plan for the future of the island. But, I  do not think that London will do anything against the wishes of the Greek side,” he said.  

Furthermore, Goktug Caliskan commented on the UN informal talks on the solution of Cyprus dispute are set to hold in Geneva April 27.

The UN informal talks in Geneva will be held with participation of Turkish and Greek communities, as well the foreign ministers of three guarantor states – Turkey, Greece and the United Kingdom.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Antoni Guterres will also attend the talks.

“In the talks, while Greek administration will support the federal solution plan, Turkish side will stay behind his solution proposal. I think that the TRNC will not want to lose its own gains and will not waste time by resorting to past solutions,” he said.

“Considering that both sides want their own solution plans to be made, I can easily say that these negotiations of the UN on the solution of the Cyprus problem will not yield a complete result,” he added. 

by Yunis Abdullayev

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