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16 June, Wednesday

US-Russia relations - Biden statement on creating relationship with Russia

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Few weeks ago, the president of the United States Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a killer. Journalist of ABC, George Stephanopoulos asked Biden that whether he thought he was a killer. Biden gave affirmative response and said: “I do. He will pay a price.”  

US President’s response has grabbed attention of various leaders. It should be noted that Biden is the first president who called Putin a killer. It is predicted that this statement would affect the US relations with Russia, and perhaps it could worsen the relations.

When Biden became a president, he announced harsh stance against Russian aggression in its nearby areas, such as the actions that has been carried out by the Russian side on Ukraine, while this has taken more lives in this region, and which they have no apparent motive other than to destabilize Kyiv.

The US under the Biden administration also raised concern on the Putin opponent leader “Alexei Navalny” who was poisoned last summer that was categorized as an attempted murder, and several other attempt of assassinations. 

The Russian observer has voiced furiously, on the other hand while some American observers foresee a new build up in U.S. - Russia relations. 

The United States president has further its relationship strategy with the Russian side, despite the controversial statement that was emphaised during the interview. The Biden administration has then proceeded by trying to create a relation with Russia where necessary.  

Speaking to Eurasia Diary, Göktuğ Çalışkan, Turkish expert on international relations, gave his opinion on US creating a new form of relationship with Russia.

Göktuğ ÇALIŞKAN,ANKASAM | Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Research

According to his view, the main reason of Joe Biden for creating this new relation with Russia is to prevent the domination of China in Asia.

“I think Biden's willingness to get closer to Russia may be partly due to Chinese influence. Because China is at an advanced level in bilateral relations with Russia and this situation affects the geopolitical situation in Asia, especially in Central Asia. I think the US wants to improve its relations with Russia in order to prevent china from controlling Asia, particularly central Asia. Thus, the Chinese influence desired to be established in Asia may be slightly broken,” he said.

The expert also considers that if Biden can pull Putin to his side, it will be easier for him to stop China.

“Otherwise, Chinese influence is likely highly to increase. Biden’s application of economic and diplomatic sanctions while trying to improve with Russia is contrary to both logic and purpose. Because I think that making a sanction while trying to fix relations will not produce a good result,” expert thinks.

The Turkish expert also touched the point on what will be the reaction of President Putin to the new relationship statement proposed by the US president.

Understanding from his opinion is that if President Putin will respond to this friendship proposal it will definitely depend on the approach from Joe Biden.

“Putin’s response to Biden’s desire for rapprochement, I think, also depends on the good steps Biden will take. Because the implementation of the sanction does not mean the development of relation, so if the Biden administration wants to improve its relations with Russia, it should use diplomacy by reducing the sanction decisions. However, in the current situation, even if Putin responds positively to Biden’s request for a meeting, the results of the meeting may not be positive, he added.

Lastly, Göktuğ Çalışkan gave an opinion on if there could be an opportunity of normalization of relations between Russia and the United States. 

 He said in international relations anything is possible and there is probability that both countries can make a normal relationship only if their interests coincide.

“In international relations, anything can happen at any time. Because countries act on behalf of their own interests. If their interests coincide, relationships can return to normal or worse. Therefore, I think Russia and the US relations can return to normal. Opportunities always exist in this regard. However, it seems imperative that both sides, especially the Biden administration, take positive steps. Otherwise, normalization may be a dream. The corrections of this situation, which deteriorated since 2012 and is now similar to the relations in the cold war period, depend on the moves that both sides will make,” he concluded.  

By John Arogun 

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