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16 June, Wednesday

Ukraine’s accession to NATO seems impossible under current security circumstances - Expert

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According to information of the Press Service of White House, the United States supports Ukraine’s accession to NATO. 
In her speech, Spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said reporters that Washington is committed to open way for Ukraine and other countries to join Western defense alliance. 
“The Biden administration is committed to ensuring that NATO door remains open to aspirants when they are ready and able to meet the commitments,” she said. 
Of course, countries aspiring to join NATO must be able to meet the commitments of NATO.
 However, according to fifth article of NATO Charter, the country cannot join NATO unless it restores its territorial integrity or solves conflict in its sovereign territory. 
The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine has subjected to the violation for seven years, as Russia has annexed Crimea since 2014. As well, Moscow continues to guard the so-called governments and illegal military units in
Donbas region of Ukraine, where mainly ethnic Russians populated. 
Speaking to Eurasia Diary, Murad Murdov, the head of Topchubasov center, Baku-based think tank, made comments on the future of Ukraine in NATO. - Topchubashov Center
According to him, under the current circumstances, Ukraine’s accession to the NATO seems impossible in the near future. 
“Ukraine’s full accession to the NATO seems unlikely in the current circumstances of an unprecedentedly tense security environment with Russia. Such a decision will give a huge argument to the 'war party" in Russia and may prompt a large-scale frontal attack by the Russian armed forces,” Muradov said. 
“The West, unwilling to trigger such a scenario, is likely to support Ukraine by many ways but not accepting it to the NATO; these ways include selling the advanced arms and equipment, providing logistical support, sponsoring army reforms and trainings,” he added. 
Touching upon the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, Muradov pointed out that Kiev can restore its internationally recognized borders through force. 
“The restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity can be secured on the only battlefield. By the way, in the scenario when Ukraine becomes a NATO member, the Alliance will turn into a party to the conflict- something it would like to avoid since it bears very high risks for global security and peace,” Muradov noted. 
“Moscow has made it clear that the return of Donbas is possible only on her own conditions, which are unacceptable for almost all political forces in Kyiv, as they entail de-facto curtailing of the country's sovereignty,” he added. 
Furthermore, in order to open way for Ukraine to join NATO, the United States should make sure of all members of NATO to agree on this issue. 
According to Muradov, many European member countries of NATO will show skeptical attitude to the accession of Ukraine. 
“Many European states will be even more skeptical regarding the accession of Ukraine. They fear that in case of a conflict and escalation they will be exposed to the military threat of Russia, and there are fears that if Moscow uses nuclear blackmail, the interests of small Eastern European members, such as Baltic States, may be compromised. Hence, while there is a lot of rhetorical support for Ukraine, in reality most member states understand the risks all too well,” he added. 
by Yunis Abdullayev

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