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1 December, Wednesday

Turkey-UAE diplomatic relations would be normalized in near future - Expert

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 According to Financial Times, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) intends to end tensions and establish constructive relations with Turkey.

It was noted that after the coronavirus pandemic and its severe impacts on the economy of the UAE, Abu-Dhabi has decided to change its foreign policy towards Turkey.

News agency also informs that the political steps taken by the Arab country against Turkey have become useless.

It should be noted that after the military coup in Egypt in 2011, Turkey's relations with a number of Arab countries, including the UAE, have been strained.

Furthermore,  the E-mails released in 2017 in support of the UAE to July 15 military coup attempts in Turkey have enhanced the tensions in the diplomatic relations between Turkey and UAE.

Speaking to Eurasia Diary, Goktug Caliskan, Turkish expert on international relations, made comments on the prospects of Turkey-UAE diplomatic relations.

Göktuğ ÇALIŞKAN,ANKASAM | Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Research

According to him, there are a number of reasons which have caused the deterioration of Turkey-UAE relations for 10 years.

“UAE-Turkey relations have deteriorated in recent years. Among the reasons for this situation are the problems that arise between the two countries in the Horn of Africa and a few countries in the Middle East (such as Syria), and the problems between Turkey and some Gulf countries in the context of Trump's Middle East Policy,” he said.

Goktug Caliskan pointed out that the UAE has decided to change its foreign policy by the Biden administration coming to power. He said that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have already ended their problems with Qatar. This may be a sign that the problems in the Gulf will decrease in the new future.

“The Biden administration does not want problems in the Middle East, wants to renegotiate with Iran and wants to solve the Yemen problem, in which the Gulf countries are involved, it will not be surprising that the UAE wants to solve its problems with Turkey, which is one of the countries with the highest trade volume in the region. Although the trade volume between the two countries has decreased in recent years, it remains high. In addition to this, it would be a very appropriate attitude to want to develop diplomatic relations,” he noted.

“The normalization of diplomatic relations between Turkey and the UAE is not fully realized, it is highly likely that tensions will be reduced and diplomatic relations will soften. Because, considering that Turkey's UAE Ambassador was reappointed as of May 1, it will be understood that Turkey also wants to improve its relations with the UAE. In addition, we can deduce that the relations between the two countries will begin to normalize in the near future from the statement of Enver Gargaş, the Minister of State in charge of Foreign Affairs of the UAE, as "There is no reason for the relations with Turkey not to be improved". Moreover, a senior official from the UAE said, "The year 2021 will be a year that will reduce tensions and increase normalization in the diplomatic relations between the two countries." His speech will be another point of view that confirms this inference,” he added.

By Yunis Abdullayev

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