Nuclear Iran means great threat not only to Israel, but also Middle East - Irfan Kaya Ulger -

24 January, Monday

Nuclear Iran means great threat not only to Israel, but also Middle East - Irfan Kaya Ulger

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Israeli officials have warned Washington that Iran is on the threshold of acquiring nuclear weapons.

According to Times of Israel, Israel’s foreign minister Yair Lapid, defense minister Benny Gantz and other senior officials of the country have long been alarming that Iran has been actively acting in the development of its nuclear facilities. Tehran is quickly advancing towards the procurement of nuclear weapons and becoming a nuclear threshold state in the Middle East.

The new government of Israel is calling the Biden administration to carry out strict and serious measures against the Islamic regime to prevent him from getting hold of mass destruction weapons.

In June, the US President Joe Biden held a meeting with the now-ex president of Israel Reuven Rivlin in the White House, which both sides mostly touched upon the threat of Iran’s nuclear policy.

It should be noted that after the withdrawal of the United States by the Trump administration from the nuclear deal, Iran has intensified activities on the enriching of uranium. 

Turkish political analyst Irfan Kaya Ulger told Eurasia Diary that Iran has been becoming a country of nuclear power that will deeply affect the entire Middle East, as well Europe and the United States.  Therefore, Tel-Aviv is trying to cause enormous damages to Iran’s nuclear facilities through pre-emptive attacks, and Washington is trying to prevent Tehran from becoming a nuclear state through diplomacy.  

“According to the reports of Western media and Israeli news sources that Iran is on the threshold of becoming a country of nuclear power. After the withdrawal of the United States by the Trump administration from the nuclear deal, there are suspicions that Tehran violates its commitments by enriching uranium that  it has undertaken in the meeting over the signature of JPCOA nuclear agreement. In particular, Tel-Aviv has long been expressing its concerns over Iran’s illegal nuclear activities and warning the US on this issue. Indeed, it is still unknown whether Iran carries out the illegal activities on the procurement of nuclear weapons.  It is no secret to anyone that if Iran becomes a nuclear power one day, it will become even stronger in the Middle East and internationally,” said Kaya Ulger.

Expert noted that the enhancement of Iran's nuclear power means great threat not only to Israel but also to the countries of the Gulf region.

“Although Joe Biden has announced that the US will again engage in the negotiations with Iran, there is a possibility that Islamic regime could achieve the production of atomic bombs until a new agreement is made,” he noted.

Touching upon Israel’s next serious measures against Iran’s nuclear facilities, Kaya Ulger said that Israel is a country that sees Iran’s nuclear power as a threat to its security and safety.

“Tel-Aviv also has concerns over the strengthening of Shiite crescent in the region, which is under the control of Islamic Republic of Iran,” he stressed.

“By achieving nuclear power, the Islamic regime will be able to eliminate the US plans to destabilize and divide Iran in the near future. Unlike Israel, the Biden administration is not much worried about Iran’s nuclear production. Joe Biden has aims to hold the negotiations with Iran over JPCOA deal to renew the agreement,” he added. 

by Yunis Abdullayev

The article was prepared with the financial support of the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan




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