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17 October,

Canadian expert discussed philosophy of great Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi

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“It's a time to reinterpret philosophy of Nizami Ganjavi based on romanticism for global harmony and cooperation to achieve UN’s SDGs” - Giovanna Mingarelli, a Canadian top 100 women entrepreneur said on Friday at a closing ceremony of the “Young Leaders Forum 2021” organized by the “Nizami Ganjavi International Centre” Baku, Azerbaijan

Ottawa September 12 - The inspiring Canadian entrepreneur summarized the remarks of the fellow speakers Mr. Yves Leterme, Ex-Prime Minister of Belgium and Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, Special Advisor to UN Secretary General on SDGs that the world needs inclusive economic growth, where no one is left behind - and ensuring social connection and diversity to enable that end. She declared

This is juxtaposed on a world stage that is a mess, where our systems are overwhelmed, cooperation is fragile and COVID has disoriented people. We need to focus on the SDG goals we have set - and to not delay our plans. We need goodwill and some sense in having good neighborly relations. Ms. Mingarelli Flagged

This week, we’ve explored topics ranging from the future of jobs and skills development to the role of young leaders in addressing reform. The platform for these conversations would not have been possible without the Azerbaijani National Poet Nizami Ganjavi, to whom I would like to express my deepest regards and respect. I believe that Nizami Ganjavi is not only a national poet of Azerbaijan but in the truest sense he is a poet of youth and a poet of humanity.

For those of you who are not familiar with him, Nizami Ganjavi was an 11th century poet who inspired romanticism in Europe and the world. For example, the great pioneers of romanticism in Europe including John Keats, William Wordsworth, Mary Shelly, and Shakespeare, received their inspiration from Nizami Ganjavi’s philosophy. Today, I believe we can identify great wisdom from Nizami Ganjavi’s romanticism, where we are inspired to make it a place of beauty, growth, opportunity, excellence and sustainability for everyone - and for future generations. She detailed

Giovanna mentioned Nizami Ganjavi’s work as these ideals underpin the policies and practices that we need - and we must - achieve with the Sustainable Development Goals today.

“Leadership, when rooted in Nazami Ganjavi’s vision, would be based on the qualities of love, care, responsibility, tolerance and dignity”, she said. “All of these qualities both enable and can result in more trusting relationships and outcomes to accomplish the urgent SDG goals that we are endeavoring to accomplish. If we can’t talk to each other sensibly,   we   can’t   get    anything done”. She said

CEO M&C Consulting Ms. Giovanna Mingarelli noted that “the world needs “collaboration, cooperation and

dialogue based on trust”. We cannot have inclusive growth without trust between people, communities, countries and regions.

“Nazami Ganjavi can support us in addressing global crises, which can - and must - be sustainably resolved through trust, dignity, love and mutual understanding”. Ms. Giovanna Mingarelli spelled out

The young leaders took keen interest in her speech and asked several questions regarding the importance of Entrepreneurship, Arts and Communication in solving global issues ensuring the Sustainable Development in the world.

Further, M&C Consulting was actively represented by its young Director Business Development for Middle East, Qaiser Nawab as one of the prominent Young Leader of the Forum 2021.

The Young Leaders Forum aimed to brought together some of the world’s emerging leaders to discuss pressing global issues. The Forum was a unique gathering of about 20 to 30 diverse leading young leaders from the world’s top scholarship programs and leading industries, who have tremendous potential to make positive impacts in the world.


"Giovanna Mingarelli is an entrepreneur, public speaker, writer and CEO of a Canada based Communication and Crowdsourcing Company M&C

Consulting and MC2. She is also the global board chair for the non-religious, non-political organization, Global Dignity, empowering 1 million youth with dignity in 80 countries".


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