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18 July, Thursday

PKK / PYD terrorist organization is spreading in Karabakh - Terrorist threat for Turkey and Azerbaijan!

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A group of Armenians claiming themselves as descendants of people who immigrated to Syria and Lebanon because of 24 April 1915 organized in PKK/PYD.

Armenians, who had previously worked with various terrorist groups, formed their own battalions this time.

On the anniversary of 24 April 1915, new gang consisting of 200 Armenian was formed.

The group was named after Nubar Ozanyan

According to local sources, the terrorist organization YPG / PKK declared that Armenian battalion formed on the day of so-called anniversary.

The group took the name of Nubar Ozanyan who died in the fightings. Nubar Ozanyan was known commander of terror organization called TKP/ML TİKKO which committed many crimes, assasinations, bombing in Turkey, died in fightings in the flank of PKK.YPG in 2017.

They accept ASALA as pioneer for themselves

The organization defines the terrorist organization ASALA as its "pioneer". The photographs of Levon Ekmekçiyan, Monte Melkonyan and the Armenian gangs of the Ottoman period, Kevork Çavuş, Andranik Ozanyan and the terrorist organization TKP / ML TİKKO founder İbrahim Kaypakkaya and Abdullah Öcalan who participated in the massacres against Azerbaijani Turks were seen during the meetings.

One of the leaders of Tabor is Masis Otanyaf, who brought Armenians together in Syria, including Qamishli, Al-Hasakah, Ras al-Ayn and Amuda.


Armenian terrorists say that Turkey is the target and they will take the revenge of  "Armenian genocide"  Organization declared the goal of the so-called battalion is "defending Rojava against Turey".

Previously in Karabakh

The relations between the PKK terrorist organization and radical Armenian groups do not end there. PKK members who came to occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan supported the occupying Armenians. Units from Kandil and Qamishli had moved to Armenia through Agri region. The group of 400 people who came to Vardenes camp allocated to the PKK fought in Karabakh.

The political scientist Ramiya Mammadova explains:

"Today, Turkey is in the major war against PKK in Syria. In the result of war, many members of PKK were killed in Suriye and Kandil. Some of PKK members sheltered to Armenia fearing of Turkish Army. This is a sign of future attack to Azerbaijan and Turkey.  Turkey can deploy its army in and around Karabakh in order to combat terrorism. Thus, Turkey will give great support to Azerbaijan in Karabakh. Turkey announced to fight against the PKK ' everywhere.


Written by Tabriz Abbasov

Translated by Ulvi Ahmedli

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