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19 July, Friday

Sudan talks resume after shootings cloud breakthrough

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Protest leaders resumed talks with Sudan's military rulers on Tuesday seeking to build on a political breakthrough overshadowed by deadly shootings at a long-running protest sit-in outside army headquarters.

The protest movement is demanding a civilian-led transition after 30 years of ironfisted rule by president Omar al-Bashir but the generals who toppled him have been pushing for a continuing leadership role.

An army major and five protesters were killed by unidentified gunmen at the Khartoum sit-in late on Monday just hours after the two sides announced they had reached agreement on the structure and powers of the bodies that will oversee the transition.

The Alliance for Freedom and Change -- the protest movement umbrella group that has been negotiating with the military council -- said the shootings were an attempt to "disturb the breakthrough" and blamed militias still loyal to Bashir's regime.

The military council said that it had "noticed some armed infiltrators among the protesters" at the sit-in, but did not specify who they were.

Protest leaders resumed their talks with military council representatives in early afternoon, one of the protest leaders told AFP.


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