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27 September,

Garabagh war may resume in mid summer - that's why snap elections held...

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Re-elected political scientist Rasim Musabeyov gave an interview to the Georgian website In his interview, R.Musabeyov made very serious and interesting argument.

It is significant to note that Musabeyov was the only member of parliament who took a neutral position after disagreeing with the decision to withdraw the parliament. Georgian journalists also asked the political scientist why this was the case. Musabeyov answered this question:

"The Mins Group holds talks on the Garabagh conflict. These talks are "brushed" by Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan. In March, elections will be held in Garabagh and Pashinyan will try to bring his man to the leadership of the so-called regime. If Pashinyan's candidate is elected in Garabagh, there may be significant progress in negotiations.

At the same time, we should have had the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan in the fall. However, parliament withdrew itself and early elections were held. I did not understand the political process at that time, so I was neutral when the issue was raised in parliament. But now I see that early elections were a successful step, because holding elections in the fall would be risky. The autumn elections could also make an obstacle for the Garabagh talks. Thus, early elections were held so that Azerbaijan could succeed in the Garabagh negotiations this spring and focus all its attention on it. And I do not rule out that in the summer, unless there is serious progress in the negotiations, we can definitely face the war in the summer. In short, early elections were held because during war no any election could be held...

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