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30 October, Friday

Novruz Holiday - Azerbaijan marks Last Tuesday

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Azerbaijan marks  Earth Tuesday the last day before Novruz.

The last four Tuesdays of winter (usually starts from the last Tuesday of February) before Novruz are celebrated by Azerbaijanis and called as “Charshanba.”

This Tuesday is known among people as 'ilaxir chershenbe'. It differs from other Tuesdays with special traditions of the last Tuesday.

The ceremony that continues all day long on the last Tuesday proceeds with evening festivities.

People light rue, make bonfires, jump over bonfires, overhear the doors and perform other traditional activities.

Entire family should gather at home and sit around the table (it means that they will have spent a year together),

On this day, everyone, regardless of their gender, must jump over the bonfire for the flame to take away all the problems. 

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