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23 August, Friday

Syrian actress says no to plastic surgery in industry

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Syrian actress Dana Nasri has told Sputnik that during the war years, the Syrian film industry faced a crisis that it hasn’t yet been able to overcome. Many famous actors went to work in Egypt and Lebanon, and Syrians have started watching foreign films and TV shows.

Today, in an effort to conquer the market, directors are inviting famous actors without really paying any attention to their talents and lines. As a result, quality issues have arisen.

In Syrian movies there are characters that many actresses refuse to play, considering them too bold.

"I'm not afraid of bold and daring characters. For the sake of an interesting role, I'm ready for some provocations or explicitness. This can be done in a very tasteful way, without challenging the public. I'm sure that a compromise is possible here", Dana said.

Selfies are fine today

Today's world is turned towards constantly taking pictures of yourself. People pay for photo shoots, and then post the pictures on social networks. Dana believes that this phenomenon itself is just part of modern life and can help boost an individual's self-esteem. However, there are people out there who want to become an internet star or a popular blogger.

"Then they turn to plastic surgery just to look perfect in photos. They often copy their favourite celebrities, for example, they want to be like Haifa Wehbe".

Fighting plastic surgery

"I've never had any plastic surgery. I think that directors need not just a beautiful face, but an actress who understands their idea and is ready to work. Acting is not just body language. We need to understand the idea that the director wants to convey to the viewer", the Syrian actress said.

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