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20 May, Monday

The Bachelor star reveals she's been the victim of racism

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Vanessa Sunshine is best known for failing to find love with Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins on the 2018 season of The Bachelor.

But on Thursday, the 28-year-old, who is of a mixed Asian and European ethnic background, shocked fans by revealing she has 'experienced racism firsthand' in a social media rant.

'In terms of racial slurs, I know first-hand how much that hurts, how upsetting and how confusing that can be,' she said in a lengthy video clip posted to Instagram. 

'Racism is something you learn, you're taught, you're not born a racist. It's a habit you've picked up and it's a really really disgusting habit,' she said to the camera. 

In captioning the post, the reality star added that 'no human race is superior. No religious faith is inferior.'

She added: 'I personally think racism is the absolute lowest of low acts; it is ugly, it is cruel and it is wrong. Racism is never justifiable. Never.'

Once labelled as the 'token villain' of the Bachelor, the raven-haired stunner earned an army of supporters for her brutal honesty and withering put-downs.

And Vanessa famously didn't hold back when she told former Wallabies star, Nick, 31 he needed a makeover after she met him for the first time.

She added: 'It's probably something people haven't seen before. I think it would be good. I'm pretty cutthroat and honest.' 

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