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20 October, Tuesday

Putin prefers hotline phone over gadgets

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said he is very upbeat on scientific and engineering progress, but still prefers the special hotline phone to any of the modern gadgets. He shared his ideas on that score, Eurasia Diary reports citing Vestnik Kavkaza.

Asked about his view on the booming market of IT devices, including smartphones, the Russian president said that progress in science and engineering was unstoppable.

"Technological progress cannot be stopped, nor should it be. We won’t do this," he said in an interview for the TASS special projects entitled "20 Questions with Vladimir Putin."

Replying to a question on whether this progress caused him some discomfort, the Russian head of state said: "I feel at ease because I do not use any of these devices. I merely have other opportunities."

Putin added that sometimes he used smartphones to make phone calls. In such cases, his subordinates provided him with any needed gadgets, but situations like that were not frequent.

"It is far easier for me to use a special phone line to be connected to any number," he explained.

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