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11 April,

Iran's begun to build secret tunnels in Syria for weapon storage - VIDEO

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News reported that Iran has resumed construction of an underground tunnel designed to hold arms at the Kataib Imam Ali group in Syria, about 5 km from the border with Iraq, reports citing Foxnews.
These conclusions were made on the basis of images taken by the television station’s editors from the Israeli company ImageSat International, the operator of the Eros-B surveillance satellite.
The images cited by the TV channel were taken on May 12, and you can see bulldozers at the facility, whose width is about 4.5 meters.
ImageSat International experts believe that the tunnel can be used to shelter vehicles with modern weapons. The conclusion was made by comparing the facility under construction with similar tunnels that were built at a military base over the past nine months.
The construction on the territory of a military base has been known since last fall. On December 4, ImageSat International published images with a fortified underground tunnel about 120 meters long, up to 5 meters wide and about 4 meters deep. Specialists then said that the tunnel could be used to store Iranian missiles.

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