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23 August, Friday

Interview with Georgian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Teymuraz Sharashenidze

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“Azerbaijan’s touristic potential is being dramatically developed in recent times. The abovementioned is attributable to the Head of State Mr. Ilham Aliyev’s efforts to increase to the limit recognizability of Azerbaijan in the world.  It is of utmost importance for the region to present Azerbaijan, not only in oil production sphere, but as an attractive touristic Caspian country. For my motherland, Georgia tourism is one of the most important fields. Extremely important is to make Azerbaijan’s touristic potential work. Taking into consideration the transport infrastructure; tourists will be able to travel freely between Georgia and Azerbaijan, as a result making our countries even closer. Based on this, any tourist activity, whether it’s medical, attributed to food or cuisine, wine tours, fashion week, hunting tour or any other direction, is very important for the region. It is very pleasing that a new kind of a tour is presented in Azerbaijan meaning the “Baku Shopping Festival”, which will contribute to attracting tourists and consequently raising incomes. Baku has all the facilities – hotel, transport and communication infrastructure and what is most important the representative shopping network, which meet all the requirements necessary for “Baku Shopping Festival”. 

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