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23 August, Friday

Why US Congressmen came to Armenia? - Eurasia Diary from Bulgaria

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Plamen Peskov
Bulgarian writer, publicist, political analyst specially for Eurasia Diary
I think, US Congressmen want to draw Armenia’s attention to the ongoing formation process of the so called Kurdistan. If we take a look at the map we can obviously see 70% of population living close to the borderline between Armenia and Turkey are Kurds. Probably, it will be a part of the territory so-called Kurdistan in the future. The status of Congressmen is less than the status of Defense Minister. I just remind you how “North stream” talks shut in Bulgaria: at that time three senators came. They were members of the Lower Chamber. They did not have a meeting with the ministers. They only met with the Prime Minister of Bulgaria. They ordered in the rude way. All speeches for the mass media were under control because they want everyone to act as how they want. 
In this regard, maybe they came to Armenia to reassure its armed forces regarding the creation of so-called Kurdistan. Because the Kurdish independence cannot be accepted by Armenia as it happened in other countries. 
But mainly four countries of the region – Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey – will suffer from this political game and Kurdistan’s Kurds will do what Kosovo Albanians have done in Kosovo. They can:
1. increase tension in Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq and China and control China’s Silk Way crossing through the Kurdistan and close the trade way by military means if needed; 
2. break stability in four countries by using political and even military power; 
3. provoke unresolved ethnic-armed conflicts in the region to start. For that reason, on purpose US will keep some Kurds within the four countries. This will give an opportunity for US to control ethnic conflicts and lead the region. 
As for military cooperation between the US and Armenia, there is no and will not happen such kind of partnership. But the Armenian lobby will definitely remain as the main factor. Russia may decide to improve its military arsenal in Gyumri, may decide not. Maybe it will arm Armenia, maybe not. Russia probably can build strong diplomatic ties with Kurds living apart from so-called Kurdistan, maybe not. In short, Russia’s position is unclear. Not because it doesn’t know its allies’ interest in the region, but because Russia itself depends on foreign factors and government institutions. 

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