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23 August, Friday

If I become president of Georgia, I will not allow any Armenians to come to Abkhazia - Guram Marhulia - PHOTO

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Famous Georgian historian, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of Sukhumi State University and Honoroble Doctor of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Guram Markhulia commented on how the situation will change in the South Caucasus after presidential elections in Azerbaijan and Russia. In an interview with Eurasia Diary, he expressed his confidence that Ilham Aliyev will be re-elected in the upcoming presidential election. Thus, president of Azerbaijan will continue his certain policy on the peaceful settlement of Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on the basis of international laws. 
Touching upon the roots of the conflict, Guram Markhulia said that Azerbaijan has never claimed to the territories of any country, but Armenia tries to falsify the history. The Republic of Armenia has been created in the historical territories of Azerbaijan and Georgia by Russia. Today Armenians don’t want to accept it. In this case, it is necessary to explain them and correct their falsifications. 
Professor also stated that all conflicts including Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and the South Osetia in the Caucasus are designed by the hands of Russia. 
He said that Russia occupied 20% of internationally recognized territory of Georgia – Abkhazia and Tskhinvali. Georgian people are offended by Russia. Russia bombed Georgian villages and cities. 
“We can’t forgive Russia. I’m from Abkhazia. I am refugee for more than 25 years. Georgia should develop with Europe, not with Russia. There is no way back,” he added. 
Georgian historian underlined that Azerbaijan and Georgia are not only geo-strategic partners, but also brotherly countries in the region. According to him Georgians and Azerbaijanis are two nations with the same fate. Both of them have lost 20% of their territories. 
“We have common pain. We, as neighbours should feel each other’s pain. The people themselves understand that this union is necessary for each of us, it is not even a matter of politics.”
Guram Markhulia said that Georgians know about Khojaly genocide. He mentioned that the problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan have recently emerged, but the problems between Armenians and Georgians exist almost 2000 years. 
“Imagine that people who lived with us became our enemies. The same thing happened in Abkhazia. Armenians lived there in peace, but when the war started they were in the side of Russia. For that reason, Georgians worry about Armenians and their leadership.”
He also stated that Armenians claim that Georgian churches and lands belonged to them. One of Georgian churches that were historical place of Georgia in the city centre has been already given to ethnic Armenians living in Georgia. 
He added that now they claim for other churches. And others will be given.
“This will continue until I become a president. They will give our churches back one by one. If I become president of Georgia, I will not allow any Armenians to come to Georgia, especially to Abkhazia,” he concluded. 
Natalia Guliyeva
Photo: Samir Sadikhov

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