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19 July, Friday

Donald Trump is under a huge pressure - Expert - EXCLUSIVE - PHOTOS

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Former editor-in-chief of the Eurasia Media Network, Malik Eyyub Sumbal, who continues his professional activity on the Chinese Central Television (CCTV) visited the office of the International Eurasia Press Fund on the 23rd of October.

Eurasia Diary conducted an interview with political analyst on the loudest events happened in the politics of the World within the recent days.

Recently, Saudi Arabia officially recognized the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. After revealing Saudi’s culpability in the murder of journalist the US president decided not to halt the arm supplies to their Arabic ally. Please, share your comments on this issue and how it this incident will affect the geopolitics in the world?

 - First of all the incident of Jamal Kashoggi is one of the most brutal incidents: to kill a journalist in order to silence the voice of the journalist who was speaking about the authoritarian regime of Saudis. But, I’m more concerned about the outcome and the aftermath of this incident. Saudi Arabia as well as their foreign minister realized that it is one of the biggest mistakes that they have ever done. A lot of investment is pulling out of that project, it means that the Saudi Arabia is in trouble water after the case with Jamal Khashoggi and there has to be a lot for this kind of intervention inside of Turkey and to kill one of the journalist who was speaking very highly about the Saudi Arabia’s different issues. So another important thing is that international sanctions are one of the major concerns for the Saudi Arabia because the module for king Salman and his son Mohammed bin Salman to moderate Saudi Arabia has a major setback off to this incident of Jamal Khashoggi. The experts say that this incident could change the whole paradigm shift into the Middle East and it’s going to change something like the major things in Saudi Arabia’s politics. So, let’s see how it is going to work 

Recently CNN reported about alleged recognition of Saudi Arabia’s culpability in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi after 2-3 days Saudi Arabia officially recognized its involvement in this case. What do you think how it will affect the future politics of the US and are they going to impose any sanctions or to halt the arms deal with Saudis?

- There is a huge pressure on Donald Trump from the media outlets and from the Congress about the necessity of imposing sanctions on Saudi Arabia and this pressure is continuously mounting on. It comes to the meaning that Saudi Arabia is a big purchaser of weapons from the U.S. Jamal Khashoggi was basically speaking for the western people, western media and he was trying to expose the Saudi Arabia Kingdom. So it means that sanctions could come on Saudi Arabia because Germany and the number of the European Countries stopped their arms supplies and cooperation with Saudis.

Another issue is the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty between the former Soviet Union and the U.S signed in 1987. Recently,  the U.S expressed its desire to pull out from this treaty by accusing Russia in breaching the agreement of the pact with the US. How would you comment on this issue?

- Donald Trump during his tenure as the US president had several stories when he had pulled out from the various treaties and agreements. For example, he withdrew from the Paris Climate Change, from the Iran Nuclear Deal and other international agreements. US core department is concerned about this and they claim that China and Russia are the major threats to U.S security. Even Jim Mattis the defense secretary reiterated several times that Russia and China are going to be the emerging threat for the national security of the US. So, I reckon this is the next step of the US national security policy in which they’re withdrawing from this international deal on nuclear missiles, However, in my opinion, some sort of these gestures and actions are dangerous for the international peace because when the U.S pulling out from any such kind deals they bring a threat and harm for the International Law. Subsequently, it may lead to a major confrontation in the future.

The Brexit is looming on. On March 29 Britain is going to exit from the EU, but there are some deadlocks in the government, especially in the Conservative party. As you know 40% is backing Theresa May, whereas another 60% are against the exit from the EU.  What are your predictions on a future Brexit deal and Irish border issue?

- I think that policy lead by Theresa May in the UK is a real disaster because her policy is regarded as anti-UK policy. When the Brexit happen it means that there’s a need to be cut off from Europe and there is no another option, there is no need for another kind of referendum. Because in the first referendum the policy about focusing on the Western interest was clear, so there is no need to hold another one.

Akber Bayramov 

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