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26 June, Wednesday

Message by Russia? Ukraine Crisis - Interview by Paul A. Goble

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The tension between Russia and Ukraine took the security dilemma of Europe under the question. NATO and EU show its support over Ukraine against Russia.

Eurasia Diary took an interview by political analyst and columnist Paul A. Goble about the strait tension between two sides.

After the high-level tension between the two states could this problem lead another war?

We all hope and pray there will not be an expansion of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. But this latest outrage by Moscow shows that that can’t be ruled out. If Putin continues to expand his aggression against Ukraine, Ukrainians will fight back and they will enjoy more support, if not unqualified military backing, from more countries in Europe and the West.

How Ukraine will react to Russia after the tension in terms of relations between societies?

Ukrainians now see that Russia is an enemy, and an increasingly large share of them now see Russians as enemies as well. That will lead more people who have identified as ethnic Russian there in the past to shift. It will also exacerbate tensions over church autocephaly and other issues

Can we consider this tension as a message from Russia to the world?

Yes, Putin is trying to show the world (and his own countryman) that he can do whatever he likes and that no one has a good option to stop him because he has nuclear weapons which people are fearful he just might use. All the Kremlin leader’s talk about war makes that outcome no longer unthinkable.

The increase of military aggression of Russia can become out other places?

I think it is possible that Moscow will do something in the Caucasus and possibly in Belarus, but these moves will likely to be efforts at blackmail rather than involving, at least immediately, the dispatch of troops.

Interviewed by Ulvi Ahmedli

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