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21 July,

Arena of world's political heavyweights: G20 Summit Argentine - Interview by Einar Tangen

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Today is a G20 Summit in Argentine which world's leading powers gather. Eurasia Diary takes an interview by Einar Tangen for the explanation of the summit.

Einar Tangen worked as Political and Economic Affairs Commentator in Press TV, CNN, India Today and other media companies.

How do you see G20 Summit?

Doubtful to produce any breakthroughs. Provocative actions, such as threatening more tariffs and sending warships through the Taiwan Straights only underlines Beijing's perception that Trump is unpredictable and unreliable. 

From the rest of the world, it is less about ideological ends than economic means, the majority wants a multilateral world order governed by pragmatic consensus agreements rather than ideological absolutes. 

What is your view about Russian and Chinese leaders? Will they be able to reach any agreement?

No, the best that can be hoped is they agree to a truce or kick the can down the road to a future meeting. There have been very few detailed preparations made for the event. Two starkly contrasting world views will be once again presented at the G20. 

Trump will highlight his case for an American centric political, economic and military world order based on bilateral trade and security agreements. Xi will outline his defense of a multilateral world order where trade and security are built on consensus.

What can you say Trump meeting with Putin?

Difficult to say, Trump is mercurial and contrary, he might meet with Putin, simply because the State Department has advised against it. Due to pressures from the Senate and the guilty plea of his former personal attorney, Trump has canceled his meeting with Putin. 

How the summit will affect conflicts in the Near East?

Doubtful, there are too many missing countries. The Saudi Arabian Crown Prince will be more of a distraction than a catalyst for negotiations. The G20 was created to deal with the 08/09 Financial Crisis through concerted action by the largest international powers by GDP. 

Today the G20 stands as a stark example that, on the eve of another recession, the world is fractured with no consensus in sight.

At the center of this chaos is Donald Trump's administration. It is highly probable that Trump will reprise Pence's speech at APEC, one that has put the US goals at odds with the rest of the world.

Behind each is a very different perspective on the world's future. From the US side, it is about a belief in the manifest destiny of a global liberal democratic capitalist order, which rationalizes American Exceptionalism.

Interviewed by Ulvi Ahmedli

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