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26 June, Wednesday

"In Azerbaijan I was amazed by ..... " - "Al Jazeera" representative - PHOTOS

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Al Jazeera Media Network producer Phoung Y. Nguyen has recently been to Azerbaijan. The guest, who visited Baku and the regions, also visited the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) and met with the President of IEPF Umud Mirzayev. After the meeting, she shared her impressions with Eurasia Diary.

- You have big experience in major media outlets such as CNN and Al Jazeera, you also traveled to many countries around the world. Are you satisfied with your expectations about Azerbaijan?

- As a media representative, we have little information about your country's policy. It is very interesting how this country opens to the world and how it attracts the investment. I have little information about the history of the country, but I would like to learn about the struggle for independence and other events. We see Azerbaijan as a politically quiet country on the Caspian Sea coast.

It is interesting for me to see the countries with developed tourism. I was very pleased to see these features here. Not only the capital but also the development of surrounding areas. For example, we have been in Shahdag these days.

It's great to see different peoples out of the Baku. When we traveled to the northern zone, we saw Lezghins. I was delighted to see those different ethnicities live together and work together.

Before I came here I thought of Baku as Dubai. We wanted a small, economically strong state without debt. But when I came in Azerbaijan, I was amazed. Here are some more interesting things. You see Mosques, but it is not a typical Muslim country. There are bars and restaurants on the streets in Baku. Here you can see the impact of Europe. Here is a mix of many different cultures and religions. You can see different architectural monuments.

- As a media spokesman, in your opinion, how seriously does society take news?

- I have been working at Western-oriented CNN and currently working for Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera covers a lot of stories, which major western networks don’t publish. That’s why I am proud of working there. 

I think the western network is paying attention to Azerbaijan in the business aspect. For example, they follow investment policy in the country, its development after gaining independence, what stands in the root of political stability in the country, and etc.

Products of gigantic bodies are also regarded as truth. Example for CNN, Reuters and so on. Their information is more convincing to people. However, if I read a post in Reuters, I always check it out and read other sources to clarify. The truth is not in CNN, Aljazeera or Reuters, the truth must be found among the writings.

- Do you perceive the concept of "Information War" and see yourself as a soldier of this war?

- As a journalist, I hope, no. Each media network, even Al-Jazeera, has the position. I think that the best way to write is to report the truth, what happens, what people say from both sides. It is not my job to analyze the situation. Let’s leave this to the analysts and professors.

The information war is not something I involved before. Information comes from all over the place. I put stories when something happens important while many don’t pay enough attention. For example the Yemen crisis. It is very important and we cover it in our media while many others do not. We will continue to write about it. We are trying to touch more conflicts.

- Do you intend to write about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?

- It's really interesting for me. We have limited information about what has happened there. Mass media does not give enough information about the conflict. I need to learn more about the conflict.

- What can you tell about fraudulent news, provocation? Do you think it has an influence on society and politics?

- In order to avoid this, you need to find the balance, and know what to say on the other hand. Here are some different perspectives in Baku. It is not possible to analyze the country using only one source.








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