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26 June, Wednesday

'It's nice to see harmony and tolerance in Azerbaijan' - Professor of Qatar University - PHOTOS

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Professor of Qatar University Thomas Ross Griffin visited Azerbaijan as a tourist. During his stay in the country, he met with a President of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) Umud Mirzayev in Baku. After the meeting, the professor shared his impressions about Azerbaijan with a reporter of Eurasia Diary

- What were your impressions about Azerbaijan before you came here and how they are changed now?

- Before I came here, I had little information about your country. My research field is on sports and culture. I just heard about Azerbaijan from Formula 1 and Eurovision. In terms of history, I knew about this country as about a post-Soviet country. When I came here, I was really surprised. I have seen the history of this country dating back to millennia. When I saw Baku, I was very surprised to see that this city is similar to European cities, like Paris for example. It's nice to see that people from different cultures live in harmony here. It's the place that I can recommend to others.

- What can you say about Azerbaijani culture?

- In general, climate and soil remind my homeland - Ireland. There were many different empires here. Azerbaijan is located at the crossroads of two continents. It also affects its culture. Historically, different nations came and lived in the country. It is wonderful to see great tolerance in Azerbaijan. Different peoples understand and accept each other.

- How do you estimate the tourism potential of this country?

- Tourism potential is very high as climate and nature are very available. Regarding my field, I see that Azerbaijan uses sports politics to increase tourism potential. Hosting international competitions is an example.

- How will you describe Azerbaijan when you return to your country?

- My country is Ireland, but I live in Qatar. When I talk with Irish people, I will tell them that Azerbaijan is like Ireland. The agricultural relief and nature remind me Ireland. When you return to the capital, you face a vibrant culture.





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