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11 August, Tuesday

5 million Uygur Turks tortured, degraded, killed in Chinese concentration camps - Chairman of National Assembly of East Turkestan, Sayyid Tamturk

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"According to the UN figures and European Parliament reports, 1 million Uighur Turks are exposed to human rights violations in camps where they are being tortured"
Ten years pass since the massacre committed by China in the capital of East Turkestan, Urumqi.
The Urumqi massacre started on 5 July 2009 and lasted until July 7. Although thousands of Uighurs have been killed in three days, the Chinese government has announced only 197 people killed. Since 2009, China has been pursuing cultural, religious and racial discrimination against Uyghur Turks. Since 2014, China has put millions of Uighur Turks into concentration camps built in East Turkestan under the name of "social fight against terrorism", "vocational training center" and "rehabilitation center".
On the 10th anniversary of the Uyghur massacre, the Turkish edition of Eurasia Diary talked to the chairman of the National Assembly of East Turkestan, Sayyid Tamturk.
The head of the National Assembly said, thousands of Uygur brothers lost their lives during the  Urumqi violence, thousands disappeared. 
"We have not been able to get any information about missing people yet. China talked about 130-140 people who died in the Urumqi massacre. But we know that thousands of our East Turkestan friends have been killed by the Chinese occupation forces in the Urumqi massacre. This figure is the actual statistical figure for dead and missing people, but it will gain credibility after observations and investigations by independent observers in East Turkistan. Until that day, it will be kept in secret, buried in the darkness of Chinese oppression.
Now, I want to emphasize as an example that China has repeatedly given just only a few numbers of deaths in the university student movement in China in the early 1990s. However, we know very well that the Chinese occupant government has crushed university students under tankers and shot dead their children, intellectuals during Beijing events, who demanded democracy. China also expressed that only dozens of students were killed at that time, but after years of the massacre, as a result of investigations, the actual death toll was quite high. This is not first China’s lie, nor the last one. "
Sayyid Tumturk said that the Urumqi massacre occurred when former President of Turkey, Abdullah Gul officially visited the Eastern Turkestan for the first time with his 300 high-ranking officials of political, cultural, media and intelligent personalities. According to Tumturk, before the Urumqi massacre, hundreds of girls and boys from East Turkestan used to work in  Guangdong region were killed during the attack to factory hostels where they work.
"In this massacre that started at 19:00 and continued until the morning, Chinese police forces and the paramilitary forces attacked the hostels in an armed and systematic way and nobody prevented it. University students, intellectuals demanding justice for Shaguan killings on 26 June, held democratic demonstrations demanding from the Chinese government "to find murders of Uygur workers, youth, our boys, girls and bring them to justice in order to let justice to be done”. But the Chinese government has declared these peaceful reactions as “national riot, revolt against the state” beginning the act of the massacre, and as we know thousands of East Turkestan civilians were killed just because of their democratic demands.
The figures of the Urumqi massacre was indicated merely very few, but we know that the number of the dead, martyrs and missing people count to thousands. East Turkestan citizens who appeal to the authorities to investigate the death and lost people have been threatened by the Chinese authorities and have been intimidated saying “immediately give up, leave investigations otherwise it will be a problem for you”, and these investigations have never been realized. Similarly today Chinese camps in East Turkestan for 3 years and occupation, violence and murders in these camps. According to the United Nations figures and European Parliament reports, 1 million Uighur Turks are subject to human rights violations in camps where they are being tortured, "said our interviewee.
The chairman also noted that although the United Nations and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe demanded to close camps and to release Uyghur Turks, China has been denying these camps for 2-3 years.
"However, satellite images of the camps were published. And international agencies, news agencies, and media outlets shared these images camps. Our brothers, such as Gulbahar Jalilova, Omar Bekali, and Selik Can, who were tortured in camps, who were originally from East Turkestan and accepted Kazakhstan citizenship, were freed from Chinese camps as a result of the Kazak authorities' demands and attempts. Our brothers returned to Kazakhstan immediately after leaving the camp and spoke at a press conference with international media representatives and human rights organizations in Kazakhstan about camps denied by China, and about people killed and tortured there.
After that, for three years, China had to accept the camps that it had denied before, and while accepting existence camps, it said trying to deceive this time with another lie: "Yes, there are camps here. In camps, we are making intellectual reform and ideological cleansing and providing vocational training courses." The main goal here is to destroy the identity of the Muslim and Turkic people and to turn the historic Turkish-Islamic territory East Turkestan to a part of China.
China aims to exterminate East Turkestan, assimilate them which it regards them as an obstacle to a project named “One generation, one way” intending $ 20 trillion economic power, 4 billion people and including 60 countries. Here we see the project of total destruction of a nation on the pretext of terrorism, radicalism, and extremism. China wants to hunt a few birds with one stone, and here the goal is to show the innocent East Turkestan people as terrorists to the world and to completely destroy East Turkistan getting the support of the world community using the people of East Turkestan. "
Mr. Tumturk expressed concern over the deployment of more than 1 million men from camps in East Turkestan to the internal parts of China, to unknown places and their fate: "At the same time, over 1 million children aged 5-7, the children of our future, have been alienated by Communist Party ideology, in Chinese reformatories, feeding them with pork meat in kindergartens into loyal servants of the Chinese Communist Party, but trained as a treacherous enemy against their homeland, nation, religion. Today, while China performs these actions immodestly, the world, unfortunately, plays three monkeys, hiding what happened in East Turkestan from the eyes of the world community.
East Turkestan is the first origin of the Turkish world, the first starting point. Therefore, the Turkish world must fulfill its commitment to East Turkistan. The Chinese wall is an example of victory and success of our antecedents against Chinese. In this regard, I demand the Turkic world to unite and solidify with East Turku against China. On the 10th anniversary of the Urumqi massacre, I would like to say that East Turkestan has never accepted the occupation and will never accept it. This struggle will continue resolutely until the independence of East Turkestan.
Interviewed by Tabriz Abbasov
Translated by Islam Mammadov

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