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30 September, Wednesday

US and its allies characterize Chinese and Russian aid as a political ploy to garner influence - US expert-Exclusive

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The world has been recently trapped in global crises as coronavirus has spread to more than 180 countries. The data from John Hopkin University shows that over 1000 000 cases have been reported worldwide since last December, and with death toll that has passed 60,800. European Union has become the epicentre of coronavirus, as in some of its members, especially Italy, Spain and Germany, with number of total cases surpassing 100 thousands. Western and Southern European states,which have been politically, economically and technologically developed and advanced countries in the world,  have been defeated by virus. It is still impossible to see solidarity by the international community to promote common resistance to eradicate fatal virus, expect for Russia and China. Bejing and Moscow have proved themselves in their struggle with global virus by reaching out  their hands to help various countries to save them from this calamity.

“Chinese and Russian initiative to rush aid to countries stricken by the pandemic, even while they themselves are combatting it, is an example of altruistic internationalism seldom seen in the annals of history,” American expert Dennis Etler said.

Dennis Etler shared his views with Eurasia Diary regarding the role of China, Russia and the West in fighting coronavirus pandemic.

Dennis Etler is an expert on Chinese Studies. Mr Etler holds a doctorate in anthropology from the University of California, Berkley. He conducted archaeological and anthropological research in China throughout the 1980s and 1990s and taught at the college and university level for over 35 years.

- Mr Dennis, Russia and China have been reaching out their hands to give life support to Europe and the United States to combat coronavirus. Obviously that Russian virologists and military medics are being involved in struggling virus in the different parts of Italy, in addition Italians have been benefiting from medical facilities in their country dispatched by Moscow. China have already provided the dozens of countries in Europe, Africa and Asia with the number of million masks, gloves, drugs and other various medical gears. Do you think that the role of Russia and China in battling coronavirus pandemic should be written in the history of the world?

The material aid and expertise contributed by China, Russia, and Cuba to countries throughout the world battling the COVID-19 pandemic is writing a new chapter in world history, and is on a par with the Marshall Plan initiated by the US after WW2 to buttress the devastated economies of Western Europe. The Marshall plan was needed to counter the great victory of the Soviet Union over German Nazism and prevent Communist Parties from gaining total political control of Europe. It laid the foundation for US political, economic and socio-cultural dominance of Western Europe during the ensuing Cold War with the USSR and the Socialist Bloc in Eastern and Central Europe.

The Chinese and Russian initiative to rush aid to countries stricken by the pandemic, even while they themselves are combatting it, is an example of altruistic internationalism seldom seen in the annals of history. The US has long since abdicated its role of supporting its allies out of its arrogant America First political attitude, leaving them in the lurch. Russia and China, however, approach the crisis from a position of humanitarian aid, not humanitarian interventionism. The US and its forsaken allies will try to characterize Chinese and Russian aid as a political ploy to garner influence. Well, if humanitarian aid results in political influence and goodwill, that is how it should be and is well deserved. Only a debased cynic would think otherwise.

- The European Union and the United States have always been considered developed and prosperous entities. However, the rapid spread of coronavirus in the world have brought both of them to fail in the fighting virus, and they have proved their inability to impede such disaster. From your opinion, what is main reason of that?

- The US and the EU have been relying on their political and economic reserves for the last two decades to stay the course and maintain a certain degree of superficial prosperity. But under the surface, neo-liberal austerity moves and neo-con attempts to throttle government programs that benefit the common people and promote policies that benefit the ruling elites have decimated the social safety net established during the Great Depression of the 1930s and the post WW2 era. The entire Western world has been hollowed out and become a colossus with feet of clay.

The pandemic has exposed for all to see how corrupt and rotten to the core Western society has become. It is incapable of protecting its citizens from an existential crisis. The Western political system of competitive bourgeois democracy cannot cope with the modern world and its challenges. It is dysfunctional and non-responsive to the will and needs of its people and only serves a small oligarchic minority of corrupt corporate titans and their lackeys.

China has shown how a government that truly represents the interests of its people reacts in a social crisis, able to marshal resources and rally its people to fight as a united front against the enemy, be it a virus or a military threat. China has showed the world a model of governance that can respond to the multiple crises of the 21st century. The West is a spent force, politically, economically and socially.

- U.S. intelligence community concluded in a classified report to the White House that Bejing cover up total cases and deaths it has suffered from the disease. What can you say about this?

- The CIA is a disinformation factory, conjuring up just-so stories for its propaganda war against China, Russia and any other nation that resists its aggression. As the US death toll from COVID-19 eclipses that of China, all of a sudden the Western news media is flooded with stories questioning the Chinese victory over the epidemic. This is clearly a transparent attempt to disparage China and deflect from the failure of the US and its allies to prepare for and combat the pandemic. The CIA is known for lying, cheating, and stealing, as its former leader Pompeo has admitted. The US has gone to war numerous times based on CIA disinformation. How can anyone take their self-serving narratives at face value?

- According to some leaking media sources, coronavirus pandemic will lead new world order to be shaped next future? What is your view about the arrangement of the Global Governance that could happen as a result of virus?

Contrary to the wishful thinking of US leaders such as Wilbur Ross that COVID-19 would lead to the demise of the People ’s Republic of China and a revival of US manufacturing, the exact opposite has happened. China has fought back and is returning to normalcy while the West is facing an existential crisis. Once the dust settles in the world will be an entirely different place. The West is not going out with a whimper or a bang, but with a hacking cough.

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