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25 June, Friday

'Qatar's relations with brotherly Azerbaijan are deep and special' - Interview with Ambassador

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The Ambassador of Qatar to Azerbaijan Mr. Faisal bin Abdullah Hamad Al Henzab gave an exclusive interview to EDNews.net.

- Mr. Ambassador we are very grateful to you for accepting to share your thoughts with us. Our first question is about your views on Azerbaijan, its people, and nature.

- Before coming to Azerbaijan to fulfill my duty, I had no chance to visit this place. I did not know anything about your country, except for the information given to me by my friends that this is a promising country in terms of tourism and that tourists from the Gulf countries have recently shown great interest in it. As for my first impression, it should be characterized not only as a tourist country in the region. Because here one feels like in an ancient country where different cultures and civilizations meet, with a completely different geographical position. Also, the fact that the population of Azerbaijan throughout the country, as well as those who live here live in peace and stability, is one of the main indicators in attracting tourists.

At the same time, we can add hotels, especially in the capital Baku, and the great potential of the country in terms of tourism infrastructure and logistics. I think that after the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic are eliminated and the world gets rid of it, Azerbaijan will pay more attention to the tourism sector, given the diversity of nature, geographical location, and favorable conditions, which is an important factor for tourism development.

As for the brotherly people of Azerbaijan, it was only after they came here that I witnessed how loyal and kind they are. Qataris and other nations are well aware of these wonderful features of the Azerbaijani people. The establishment of the first democratic republic in the East stems from the culture of the love and devotion of the people to the motherland.

- Mr. Ambassador, very friendly relations have been established between Azerbaijan and Qatar, and our countries are cooperating closely in many areas. What can you say about the future prospects of these relations?

- Diplomatic relations between the State of Qatar and the Republic of Azerbaijan were established in 1994. These relations are based on the friendly relations of both countries, based on the principles and goals of strengthening international peace and stability and common interests as an active member of the UN and the international community.

The relations of the State of Qatar with Azerbaijan are deep and special. The two leaders have great ambitions to develop and strengthen these relations in all areas, especially in the economic, trade, and investment spheres. For this reason, a Joint Economic, Trade and Technical Commission has been established between the Government of the State of Qatar and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan to explore existing opportunities and hold regular meetings to achieve the set goals. We believe that this desire will end with the realization of common interests and the increase of trade and investment turnover between the countries. In particular, both countries are trying to diversify their economies which largely based on the oil and gas industry, and prices in this area cannot always be controlled by the international situation.

- Finally, Mr. Ambassador, May 28 - Republic Day - was recently celebrated in our country. What would you like to say to our readers and people on this occasion?

On behalf of the Government of the State of Qatar, the Embassy extended its best wishes to the brotherly government and people of Azerbaijan and wished them continued stability, great progress, and prosperity.

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